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FRESH OFF THE BLOGS: A New Year….and More Shopping to Do!

Ah!  The fresh scent of a year anew!!!  Can you smell it?

And herein lies the first FOTB post of the year!  Since I was posting Holiday Sales in place of the FOTB’s for December, I’m going to list some items that were released in December.  Never fear!  They are still fresh!!  Besides, leftovers are yummy! ;o)

Fill your inventory in 2009 with:

– If you want fun and flirty, you really need to check out Lavish Style.  Katy Angel offers so many fun styles.  Her latest – Bad Kitty Neko – looks like loads of fun! (

– Been to DeLa lately?  You should go then!  Stylish blouses, hot leather pants, and a great open front coat with great detail await your eager little inventories!  (

– Need some boots?  Head over to Adam n Eve then!  There, you will find the “Rodeo” boots, yummy enough to make you say YEE-HAW!  And oh my goodness!  AO friendly!!!  WOOT!!! (

– I see a pretty updo!!  Calla gives us the very first hair release of the year with “Amaranth”.  (

– DoC closed out 2008 with a gorgeous formal gown release, entitled “Endless”.  Numerous layers for “endless” combinations.  (

– Nicky Ree’s last release for 2008 – Snow Angel – is just a wonder to see.  Elegant gown, sexy lingerie, casual goodness….all with wonderful detailing.  Amazing.  (

– Astry Mirabeau over at Digital Knickers released some sexy coolness with “Frost Nymph”.  So many options and the rich silver color of the outfit is eye catching.  And if silver isn’t your color, you can tint it! (

– I saw this gown on the feed and my jaw dropped.  Zaara gives us “Amala” and it’s just…’s just too yummy for words.  You really need to see it for yourself.  (

Here’s to a new year!!  Cheers!!
~*~ Aly ~*~


January 2, 2009 - Posted by | Fresh Off the Blogs

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  1. Interesting Read! Very detailed blog.
    Thanks for sharing

    Comment by Tim | January 8, 2009

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