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FRESH OFF THE BLOGS: It’s Not Work, It’s a Work of Art

Don’t ask about the title.  I’ve had a long week.  Bleh.

Remember last week I said I had enough of the cold weather?  Yeah, now I’m completely and utterly disgusted with it.  Single digits and negative digits overnight.  Even my car moaned and groaned today.  Brrrrrrrrrr!!!!

Quick note:   I am contributing to a new blog, started up by Ana Lutetia, called Second Life Sales (  There, I will be blogging every Friday a week’s worth of sales.  So head on over, bookmark it, and check it every day to be kept up-to-date on those addicting SL Sales!

I am also toying with the idea of starting up one more blog, centered around SL bloggers.  So, you have been warned! 😉

Time to check what’s smokin’ hot on the blogs:

– Lexi has announced a rebirth of her baby, now called Stellar by Lexi Morgan.  I’m so excited for her, I know it was a humongous step.  Fresh off the rebirth, we get a free outfit to show off the rebirth, a L$100 Skin and Shape Sale, and some hawt looking boots called “Erotica”.  Wootness!  (

– PixelDolls has extended the L$50 Dresses sale to January 20th and added a L$50 Tops & Bottoms Sale, ending February 1st.  I guess I shall be owning most of the store soon then! LOL! (

– DoC changes it up a bit on us off of his last releases and gives us soft and prettiness, to be found in “Vita”.  A full length dress in amazing textures, versatile by matching the top with your favorite pants.  (

–  Come home from work and chill out with Janie’s latest outfit.  “After Hours” shows off your errrrmm curvies 😉 matched with some awesome looking pants.  (

– Need another pair of boots?  (why would you say no????)  Then check out Pixel Mode’s latest release, “Danielle Knee Boots”.  What I find cool about these is that they are naturally shaped in the back so that when you sit ladylike and cross your legs, the boot doesn’t go into your leg! (

A little short this week, I know.  But the feed has also been wonky the past few days.  So I had to rely on my reader only.  But that should never stop you from shopping!!!!!!!!  SHOP DAMMIT!!!

~*~ Aly ~*~


January 16, 2009 - Posted by | Fresh Off the Blogs

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