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FRESH OFF THE BLOGS: OMG!! Valentine’s Day Is HOW Many Days Away???

Is it just me……

Or is this year flying by at an increased pace?

I mean, eight days till Valentine’s Day?  How the hell did that happen?

Granted, time slows down to a painful halt when I’m at work.  But I’m convinced I work in the Twilight Zone anyway.

Have you done your shopping?  Why not check these out:

– Hop on over to LVS Drive and pick up a beautiful dangling heart necklace from Lynx and some sexy lingerie from LVS.  See?  Two presents done in one stop!! (

– Then you can TP over to Stellar and pick up some more his and hers gifts:  “Heartbreaker Silk Jammies”, a sexy as hell top and mini-skirt outfit titled “Crush”, and a diamond and ruby jewelry set titled “Mi Amore”.  (

– Kinkiness needs sexy love too!!  Dark Eden gives us “Cephalopod Valentine’s Silks”.  Verrrrrry sexy cute! (

– Drop by Mischief and see the sweet and sexy newness Janie has been putting out.   Couple of items there that are sure to turn up the heat.  (

– New releases over at Nyte’N’Day!  You’ll find:  Floret – a babydoll top with tights; Crumby – a sexy tank with a flirty skirt set; Amity – cute boy shorts with matching tank; and Patina – a beautiful formal dress with a sculpted tie/belt.  (

– BOOTS!!!  Tesla releases “Kensington”, the much anticipated tall boot.  The colors are gorgeous, fully sculpted and come with resizing scripts if you need that slight adjustment.  Yummy!!! (

– Coming up on February 10th, Nicky Ree releases the Mui Magic Collection.  As usual, Nicky gives us so many different options in a set rich in textures.  Gorgeous.  (

– What girl couldn’t use one more casual, gorgeous outfit?  Head over to MichaMi and pick up Milla’s latest release, “Laila”.  Gorgeous V-neck top with matching skinny pants.  Love it!  (

That should keep you all busy until Valentine’s Day.  And don’t you dare forget my gift!!!!

Love to all!
~*~ Aly ~*~

P.S.  Don’t forget the “What Do You Wear Under There” Challenege over at the SLBCC!!


February 6, 2009 - Posted by | Fresh Off the Blogs

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  1. It’s only 3 days till Valentines day now!

    Comment by Miracle Man | February 11, 2009

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