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A Friday Post

I’m heading out of town in about 15 hours, so my brain really isn’t in a well thought out post.  But I hope you all will understand.

However, I will point you in a direction!

Being that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, many stores are having sales – some on specific types of items (red, pink, blue, etc.), others just having general sales.  You can best keep up with these by checking out Good Deals, Bargains and Sales in Second Life or Fashion World of SL.  Yes boys, you need to shop NOW!

Also remember that there are multiple hunts going on – some grid wide (Vain & Greatest Love), some sim wide (Ohana), and others just storewide.  Your chance of running into one on just a random shopping trip this weekend are pretty good!  So follow the crowds and hunt for items!

I will try my best to have an FOTB post next Friday.  But I am unsure of my schedule that day.  Either way, I will post something, even if it is just saying hi!!!

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!
~*~ Aly ~*~


February 13, 2009 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. Aly you are wonderful! Thanks for always mentioning the goings on at Retrology! You Rock!

    ~ Ketsy
    Jhuzen Ketsugo, Manager – Retrology Sim

    Comment by Jhuzen Ketsugo | February 13, 2009

  2. I do try!! I miss my full steam ahead blogging, but RL is eating me. As soon as a big change is done, I will be back full-time. :o)

    Comment by Alysha Rennahan | February 14, 2009

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