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~* Zaara *~
~* Designer:  Zaara Kohime *~

I think I’m a texture junkie (or is this not news to anyone?).  I completely fall in love with clothing that has the most amazing textures – both in design and pattern.

That’s why I love Zaara’s stuff.  Her texture talent is amazing.  Some of her clothes have such realistic textures that they appear ready to jump out of the screen.  Mix that with her passion for Indian-inspired couture and you have amazing and unique works of passion.

So, with that introduction done, just simply take a look for yourself.  Details follow each picture.

BLOG:  Zaara - Xacuti & Anjuna

On the left:
Hair:  Tami McCoy – Bliss (Chocolate)
Outfit:  Zaara – Xacuti (Burnt Yellow-Olive)
Skin:  Genesis – Eden (Cinnamon Tone/Chocolate Orange Makeup)
Pose:  LAP – Miss Attitude

On the right:
Hair:  ETD – Holly (Mahogany Burnt)
Earrings:  Genesis – The Triquetra Earrings (Platinum)
Shoes:  Jaywalk – Billie (white)
Skin:  Genesis – Eden (Cinnamon Tone/Codie Makeup)
Outfit:  Zaara – Anjuna (Blue)
Pose:  LAP – F-Blogger4-Pursehold

BLOG:  Zaara - Kavi/Jewelled Jeans, Moksh, Kera

From left to right:

Hair:  Frangipani – Granita (Chocolate)
Pants:  Zaara – Jeans {Jeweled} (Indigo)
Top:  Zaara – Kavi (Lilac)
Boots:  Adam n Eve – Skai (Chocolate)
Skin:  Genesis – Eden (Cinnamon Tone/Irish Eyes Makeup)
Pose:  LAP – Barbie2

Hair:  Refuge – Angela (Mahogany)
Outfit:  Zaara – Moksh (Pink)
Necklace:  Shiny Things – Nighttime Gems Necklace
Skin:  Genesis – Eden (Cinnamon Tone/Chocolate Orange Makeup)
Pose:  LAP – Now Lean Back

Hair:  Gurl 6 – Denise (DarkBrown)
Outfit:  Zaara – Kera
Shoes:  Periquita – Beda Sandals (Black)
Necklace:  Eolande’s – Juliana Pearl Drop Choke (Gunmetal)
Skin:  Genesis – Eden (Cinnamon Tone/First Time Makeup)
Pose:  LAP – Sassy Charlotte

BLOG:  Zaara - Fulvari & Freespirit

On the left:
Hair:  Damselfly – Pacey II (Cinnamon Warm)
Outfit:  Zaara – Fulvari (Green)
Necklace:  Glowing Gems – Ami Hearts Necklace
Skin:  Genesis – Eden (Cinnamon Tone/Lazy Morning Makeup)
Pose:  LAP – Cuteness

On the right:
Hair:  Celestial Studios – Carrie (Ember)
Outfit:  Zaara – Freespirit (Pink – SLRFL 2008 Limited Edition)
Shoes:  Tesla – Elise-2-Elevate Platform Mary Janes (Black)
Earrings:  Scarlia Inc – Essential Earrings (Emerald)
Skin:  Genesis – Eden (Cinnamon Tone/Pretty Pixie Makeup)
Pose:  LAP – Doot Doot

BLOG:  Zaara - Amala, Calangute, Melissa

From left to right:

Hair:  Armidi – The Ginza (Mahogany)
Earrings:  Shiny Things – Nighttime Gems (silver)
Outfit:  Zaara – Amala Gown (Crimson)
Skin:  Genesis – Eden (Cinnamon Tone/Codie Makeup)
Pose:  LAP – F-Blogger6-Systemskirt

Hair:  Calla – Bellflower (Dark Mahogany)
Outfit:  Zaara – Calangute (Chocolate)
Skin:  Genesis – Eden (Cinnamon Tone/Codie Makeup)
Pose:  LAP – F-Blogger2-Primskirt

Hair:  Maitreya – Yasmin (Hazel)
Outfit:  Zaara – Melissa
Skin:  Genesis – Eden (Cinnamon Tone/Comfort Makeup)
Pose:  LAP – Prissy

If you have never stopped by to see what Zaara has to offer, you are missing out on an amazing experience.  So go check it out!

~*~ Aly ~*~


March 14, 2009 - Posted by | Fashion

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