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Paint Second Life Purple Day!!! June 1st!!

Paint Second Life Purple Day! June 1, 2009

As much as I would like to take credit for this idea, it was not mine.  However, being the purple fanatic that I am, how could I not be excited over this?

Join The All Stars SLRFL Team
on Monday, June 1st for

Purple is the color of the American Cancer Society Relay for Life and is at the focus of their “Show Us Your Hope” campaign.

As described on their website:

“The goal of Show Us Your HOPE is to visually depict how Relay For Life brings hope to a community.  Activities don’t need to be elaborate to send a powerful message of hope, but should be visual and engaging in order to encourage others touched by cancer to get involved.”

We are a community.  We are the Second Life Community.  We can come together.

Wear purple!
Design purple!
Build purple!
Decorate purple!
Party purple!

Let’s virtually Show Our HOPE!

You can read more on the RFL site here:

~*~ Aly ~*~


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It’s Never Too Late To Show You Care…Support SL Designers

It’s true, I’m buried in packing boxes and dust bunnies and stuff I packed away so old that you can tell what decade I grew up in *hides the NKOTB posters*.  But I can’t ignore what I’m seeing as troubling signs of the SL economy….

Which is an unfortunate link to RL economy.  And RL issues.  And RL problems.

But we – the SL shopping community – are not helpless avatars.  We need to help support those designers as much as our own dwindling SLwallets can support.

I was heartbroken when I saw that Violet Voltaire closed up her main shop (her satellite location is still open) and will not be creating anything new.  Then the announcement of Miriel closing up shop and sim shortly (one of the first stores I ever bought from in SL).  I also have heard that ELISA (poses) is closing up.  And now my dear friend Ravenlynn Templar of LVS is having to pack up her RL on very short notice and move back home for circumstances she could not avoid.   She’s not closing, but she is having to go on a forced hiatus until she can get back on her feet.

We need to pull together and support our SL designers while we can.  We need to show them that we appreciate and admire the quality work they spend countless hours, days, weeks and sometimes years they put into creating one piece we don’t even think twice about buying.

They create clothes, shoes, jewelry, skins, hair, houses, poses, dances, toys, gadgets, furniture, animations, gestures….. the list is endless.  Talent abounds in all genres.

Times are tough.  I know that just as well as anyone else.  But none of us are alone.    Many have been there for me.  Now I ask that everyone be there for others.

Please support SL designers.   Fellow bloggers, please feel free to post your own support on your blogs as well.

Here are details of the closings mentioned above.  If you have any other similar announcements, please feel free to post them in comments.  Thank you for helping me support SL designers!!

ELISA:  L$5 pose pack sale and L$1 for the pose chairs (I think).  SLurl:

Miriel:  no other details right now except that the store and sim will be closing soon.  SLurl:

LVS:  50% off all items, including new releases.  SLurl: DRIVE/126/90/22

~*~ Aly ~*~

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SLRFL: Fashion Expo 2009 Designer Spotlight

Fashion Expo 2009 Designer Spotlight

Head on over to the Fashion Expo blog and check out the launch of our Designer Spotlights!

More coming reallllll soon (meaning, as soon as I get home tonight and can resave .tga pics to .jpg so that my crappy laptop can use them).

~*~ Aly ~*~

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SLRFL NEWS: Join Up for The Hope Hunt

The All Stars

The Hope Hunt

to benefit Relay for Life

This is a two-week hunt and race
beginning June 21, 2009 and ending July 4, 2009.

If you would like to participate,
please contact Sidda Jubilee for an application.

Check out The Hope Hunt blog for more details.

P.S.  My apologies for the funky formatting.  That’s my fault.
Tried to make bigger fonts with the heading formats.  Ugh.

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I’m Here! Buried Underneath Dust Bunnies!

I've Gots Dust Bunnehs!

I’m here!  I’m here!  I’m still around!!  Just being buried underneath packing and other such things one does before they move.   So my apologies for the week of silence.

But I do have some things to post.  I’m hoping with the three day weekend that I can get a good chunk done.  That includes a brief Blogger Appreciation Week (herein after to be known as BAW) thank you and recap (holy bananas!  I’m NEVER getting this inventory in order), the start of the Fashion Expo Designer Spotlight over at the FE Blog, at least one Purple post, some SLRFL stuff….and…that’s it for now.

But I love you all!  Don’t run away!  I’m still here!!!!!!

*dives head first into a large pile of laundry*

~*~ Aly ~*~

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Fashion Expo 2009 Update & Top Model Search

We are full!!!

Thank you to all the designers that have joined us for Fashion Expo 2009!  The response was amazing.  We are completely filled to the brim!  Can’t wait to see it all come together!

With that said, it’s time to announce the Fashion Expo Top Model Search!

Check out the Fashion Expo blog post here for all the details.

~*~ Aly ~*~

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Blogger Appreciation Week…Who? Me?

SL Blogger Appreciation Week

As deemed by Callie Cline, this week is SL Blogger Appreciation Week.

And I feel weird.

I like being appreciated, don’t get me wrong!  I like it when I get thank you’s and omg’s when I blog something and the designer is overwhelmingly thankful.  It’s my “payment”.

But I blog because I enjoy doing so.  I blog because I love shopping and seeing what wonderful things people can create in this unique medium.  I blog because it’s my way of contributing to SL that I hope others enjoy and get something out of.  I have made new friends through my blogging that I would not have connected with otherwise.

So thank you for thanking me.  Still feels weird, but I’ll get over it!

~*~ Aly ~*~

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No one faint.

I’m blonde in this one.

LOL seriously though, I put this outfit together and wanted blonde hair.  I’m really happy with how these pics turned out.

Take a look!



Top: Style Starts Here – Lace Top (Grape)
Pants: Digital Knickers – Antique Fluer Jeans
Shoes: Maitreya – Frenzy (Plum Blossom)
Necklace: Genesis – Amarissa Necklace
Bracelets: Genesis – Aidan Bangles
Hair: ETD – Laine (Sunny Purple)
Skin: Genesis – Candace (Coconut Tone/Khoab Makeup)
Poses: Reel Expression

Have a great weekend and Happy Mommy’s Day to all those mommies!
~*~ Aly ~*~

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Fashion Expo 2009


Space is still available for the 2009 Fashion Expo, running June 8th-14th.

Check out the Fashion Expo blog for details and contact Autumn Fairlane, Lexi Morgan, or myself (Alysha Rennahan) if you are interested in participating.


~*~ Aly ~*~

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Day 10 reached!  Huzzah!

Sometimes you don’t need to be completely drenched in purple to love it.  Sometimes just an accent piece in purple makes the whole outfit.  That’s what I did with today’s ensemble.  The top from Stellar’s “Flirtatious” outfit popped from the great purple color and pattern, I immediately knew I wanted leather pants.  The rest just came together.

Hope you like!!


Top: Stellar – Flirtatious Halter (Purple)
Pants: DE Designs – Low Black Triple Belted Leathers
Gloves: Zullay Designs – Pirate Grace Gloves (Black)
Hair: Truth – Sai (Mahogany)
Shoes: Stellar – Flirtatious Boots (Purple)
Necklace: LC Covet – Bound Bolo (Black)
Skin: Genesis – Candace (Coconut Tone/Redgrave Makeup)
Poses – Reel Expression

Enjoy your day kiddies!
~*~ Aly ~*~

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