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It’s Never Too Late To Show You Care…Support SL Designers

It’s true, I’m buried in packing boxes and dust bunnies and stuff I packed away so old that you can tell what decade I grew up in *hides the NKOTB posters*.  But I can’t ignore what I’m seeing as troubling signs of the SL economy….

Which is an unfortunate link to RL economy.  And RL issues.  And RL problems.

But we – the SL shopping community – are not helpless avatars.  We need to help support those designers as much as our own dwindling SLwallets can support.

I was heartbroken when I saw that Violet Voltaire closed up her main shop (her satellite location is still open) and will not be creating anything new.  Then the announcement of Miriel closing up shop and sim shortly (one of the first stores I ever bought from in SL).  I also have heard that ELISA (poses) is closing up.  And now my dear friend Ravenlynn Templar of LVS is having to pack up her RL on very short notice and move back home for circumstances she could not avoid.   She’s not closing, but she is having to go on a forced hiatus until she can get back on her feet.

We need to pull together and support our SL designers while we can.  We need to show them that we appreciate and admire the quality work they spend countless hours, days, weeks and sometimes years they put into creating one piece we don’t even think twice about buying.

They create clothes, shoes, jewelry, skins, hair, houses, poses, dances, toys, gadgets, furniture, animations, gestures….. the list is endless.  Talent abounds in all genres.

Times are tough.  I know that just as well as anyone else.  But none of us are alone.    Many have been there for me.  Now I ask that everyone be there for others.

Please support SL designers.   Fellow bloggers, please feel free to post your own support on your blogs as well.

Here are details of the closings mentioned above.  If you have any other similar announcements, please feel free to post them in comments.  Thank you for helping me support SL designers!!

ELISA:  L$5 pose pack sale and L$1 for the pose chairs (I think).  SLurl:

Miriel:  no other details right now except that the store and sim will be closing soon.  SLurl:

LVS:  50% off all items, including new releases.  SLurl: DRIVE/126/90/22

~*~ Aly ~*~

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  1. Thank you for this post Alysha. Along with some bloggers a lot of designers have been getting the heat lately and with the economy where it is now, so many are floundering. Hearing words of appreciation and support is so empowering. All it takes is a moment to say thank you and we recognize what you do and your contribution and it means the whole world. Sometimes it means whether someone will give up or keep on plugging against the odds.

    Ty again for this. The ones who are leaving will be missed and I wish them every success in whatever they choose to do next in life.

    Comment by Ivey Deschanel | May 28, 2009

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