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It’s Purple Day!! Have You Been Showing Your Purple?

Come on now!  Did you really think you would all get through Purple Day WITHOUT me showing my purple???

RFL Purple Day

Taken at my home (you can’t see my house to the right, but that’s ok) and please note the lack of Windlight.  That’s because my compy sucks (as we all know) and I don’t even have the option to activate it.  One day I’ll see pretty skies *sigh*.


Prop w/Poses: LostDog Designs – Sonsaku Tree
Outfit: Vitamin Ci – Kiya (Grape)
Hair: Celestial Studios – Annie May (Plum)
Shoes: ETD – Sasha Boots (Eggplant)
Skin: Exodi – Shiloh (Coffee Tone/Silent Makeup)
Jewelry: Exodi – The Amarissa Set

I hope you have all had a wonderful purple day!!  I must dive back into the wonderful task of cleaning and packing!

All my love!
~*~ Aly ~*~

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