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A Day At The Beach

I’m here, I’m here……  I’m a bad mommy, leaving my baby by herself for so long.

And I hate it.  I want to blog, I need to blog, I MUST BLOG!!

And the blogging will return!  Now that I have secured an AWESOME job (RL) and I have that income, I can resume my naughty spending habit which helps inspire me to blog.

So get ready for the Aly Train, because it’s fueling up to roll out!

But I want to apologize to the fashion designers for not blogging what is great stuff I have seen released as of late.  I hope you all forgive me and bear with me and DON’T FORGET ME!!!

And I want to apologize to my readers.  Because I haven’t given you anything new in about a month.  Hopefully, you haven’t all run away and will stick around.  DON’T FORGET ME!!!

Much love to all!  Blogging soon!
~*~ Aly ~*~

P.S.  Photo details are as follows:

Hair – Truth
Jewelry, Clothes & Skin – Exodi
Sunglasses – Armidi
Pose – Long Awkward Pose


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