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Wow, October is Almost Here Already?

Why am I seeing Christmas wrapping paper in my local Walgreens already??  Too early.  Please put that away until at least Halloween.  Thank you.

I’m still here.  I even have blog posts lined up, outlined and all set to take photos of.  I can’t explain it, but once the weekend hits, it’s like Monday arrives and I can’t tell you what I did with the weekend.  I blame the laundry.  Right Jell?

So don’t give up on me.  Pretty please.  I know I’ve been begging for a while, but I love you all and hope you love me!

On a side note, in order to help pay my SL rent, I have started up the Purple Grapefruit Productions Studio.

PGP-S Poster

What am I offering?  Well, I am offering you a semi-professional photo session.  Why semi-professional?  Because as much as I dream and wish I was, I simply cannot create the amazing works of SL photography that I have seen and know is out there.  But, I can give you a semi-professional photo that I work hard on and you hopefully deem is worth your money.

If you are interested, please drop me a notecard with your name and what you are looking for.  Please label the notecard “PGP-S Inquiry”.

Be good all!  See you soon!
~*~ Aly ~*~


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~*~ League ~*~
~*~ Designer:  Nena Janus ~*~

It’s Friday!  It’s a three-day weekend!  IT’S BLOGGGGGGG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m getting back on the blogging treadmill and I’m giving myself a great boost with this designer.  Nena is the wonderful designer behind League.  When I was first introduced to League, a friend showed me a pic of one of her designs on SLX.  From that day, I knew League was going to be an awesome place to find one of a kind creations.

League has grown from originally being focuses primarily on steampunk-influenced designs to just fun outfits (still keeping some awesome apocalyptic offerings!).  But why does League appeal to me?  Well, that’s simple.  The creations are just amazing to look at.  The detailing in the littlest things such as buttons and laces to the patterns of colors…. I’m not sure, but I think a lot of Nena does is hand drawn.  But…I’m just guessing.

Her creations are sleek….they are fun….they are cool.  You’ll be able to see that almost immediately when you scan my coveted items below, which is only a sampling of what League offers.  Nena has also recently dived into skin design and from what I hear, she has done a wonderful job doing so.  I would have bought and blogged a skin too….but…you ALL know by now…I SUCK ASS at skin reviews lol!  The most I will see is “it’s pretty!!!  thank you!!!” 🙂 I leave skin reviews to those bloggers that have the knowledge to review it intelligently!!!

Ok, off track!  Back to the Leagueness!!!!  CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BLOG:  League Pic #1

Left to right:

Top: League – Garage Shirt RFL Special Edition
Pants: League – Garage Jeans (Black)
Hair: Truth – Mini (Mahogany)
Shoes: FKNY – Kicks II (Purple/Black)

Outfit: League – Steampunk Apocalypse
Hair: Truth – Monica (Mahogany)

Top: League – Belted Leather Jacket
Shorts: League – Booty-shorts (Black)
Boots: League – Sinead Boots (Purple)
Hair: Truth – Belinda (Mahogany)

BLOG:  League Pic #2

Left to right:

Outfit: League – Vintage Futura (Singed Hot Pink)
Hair: Truth – Veronica (Mahogany)

Outfit: League – Victoria
Hair: Truth – Twiggy (Mahogany)

Outfit: League – Triple Belted Blue
Hair: Truth – Romy (Mahogany)

BLOG:  League Pic #3

Left to right:

Outfit: League – Sinead Dress (Brown)
Hair: Truth – Angelina (Mahogany)
Boots: League – Sinead Boots (Winters Brown)

Outfit: League – Bella Desastre (Black)
Hair: ETD – Holly (Blonde Blackened)

Outfit: League – Wool Strapped
Hair: Truth – Farrah (Mahogany)

Skin: Exodi – Lily (Cherry Tone/Blame Makeup)
Earrings: JCNY – Lily Hyper-Gems Earrings
Poses: LAP

See?  What did I tell you?  You know you want to go and get your own now.

What are you waiting for???

Oh!  The SLurl?  You got it!  Here it be:

Happy shopping!!!
~*~ Aly ~*~

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I Think It’s a Conspiracy…..

I was going to post last night.  I have myself all set to take piccies for the post I want to do.

And the asset server acts up…..again……

I wanted to post Saturday too.  And assets server issues….again….

MAYBE SL will cooperate tonight and let me do what I need to do?  Maybe?  Possibly?


Thank you…..Aly…

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