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Turkey Backlash

I feel like I was the bird in the oven.  Overly stuffed.

I hope everyone who celebrates it had a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.  I’m still here, haven’t disappeared off the face of the earth completely.  Just changing the diaper on RL because it was screaming for a change.

No…..I’m not pregnant.  Move on. :p

I’ll be back to posting some stuff shortly.  So have a drink ready for me.

Also, I wanted to let everyone know that the RL Athena’s Cup has been extended through to October 2010 in hopes of gathering the bras needed to break the Guiness World Record.  With that said, the SL Athena’s Cup will more than likely be extended as well.  So if you would like to participate but the holiday season isn’t the best time for you, have no fear.  It will still be around for a while.

All my love and M&Ms to all!
~*~ Aly ~*~


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RL Athena’s Cup Video!!

Check out the video for the RL Athena’s Cup!  Feel free to send in your own donations to the address posted at the end of the video!

And it’s not too late to join up for the SL Athena’s Cup!  Just drop me an IM or notecard and I will get an informational folder to you right away!

Have a great weekend everyone!
~*~ Aly ~*~

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SL ATHENA’S CUP: Lemania Indigo Designs

Another designer showing their generosity for the SL Athena’s Cup!

Lemania Indigo
Lemania Indigo Designs

Added to the current running list of offerings:

Lexi Morgan
Stellar by Lexi

Ravenlynn Templar
Liquid Velvet Studios

SySy Chapman

It’s not too late to join us!  IM me for an informational folder!

~*~ Aly ~*~

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