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My sweet friend Ryker is moving to the UK in a little over a week and found out today that the home she thought her kitties could go to is no longer available.

Another option has been obtained, but it will take fundage to get them there.

Ryker has helped me so many times.   Please help me in helping her now.

You can read about the kitties here and you can go to Exodi and enjoy 50% off and help the kitties by catching the cab here.

Thank you for helping my awesome friend!
~*~ Aly ~*~


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SL Athena’s Cup – Update

SLAC Money January 6th

Take a look….this is what we have raised in less than three months with only four designers offering items.
(feel free to click through to my Flickr and view it in large so you can actually read it lol!)


Although the RL Athena’s Cup has been extended, I wanted to make good on showing everyone where we stand at this point.

Again, I would love to have more designers/builders/scripters/ANYONE join us in helping promote breast cancer awareness.

If you are interested in joining our cause, drop me a notecard.

Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart!
~*~ Aly ~*~

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It’s 2010.  Happy New Year everyone!

2009 was certainly an upper and downer for me.  Mainly RL, but some SL in there too.  All in all, I’m where I wanted to be, aiming my RL towards things I want and hope will happen.

But like so many people who have done SL time, I find myself….I dunno……in the middle of something….

I don’t want to say purgatory.  That just sounds….bad.

And it’s nothing bad.  I just feel….god, I just don’t know how to label it.

I’ve had my SL job – hosting for a club which turned into being a manager of that club and watching it cycle through its many incarnations until it unfortunately went head to head with the ever changing trends of SL and had to close for good.  But those were good times.  I have so many friends from those times.

I started blogging.  And I absolutely loved it.  But why did I love it?  I’m a nobody that wasn’t really trying to get anyone’s attention.  I just…wanted to blog.  And it was fueled by my overbearing addiction to SL shopping.  Mainly fashion, but any shopping was always good.  Never thought I would end up being a “fashion guru” (I still giggle when people refer to me as that – it sounds funny), but I guess people liked what I showed and blogged about.  Again, in the end, it was simply a love of fashion and shopping.

So what happened?

RL is the culprit.  I had to focus my energy into moving and getting a new job and adjusting to a new life and all that wonderful stuff.

So I’ve done that.  Ok, so what the hell is the damn problem?

I couldn’t tell you for the life of me.

I know that I no longer have the disposable income at this point in which I can transform my hard earned US dollars into virtual Lindens to shop to my little av heart content.  And I have concluded that that was the main fuel behind the blog….the shopping.  Now I scrimp what little money I have leftover from my paycheck every two weeks to pay the rent on my parcel.  No sugar daddy to lean on.  I tried the photo thing, but no one wanted to darken my doorway (no worries though lol).  And I have zero other skills to lean on to bring in any Linden cash.

Sure, I could blog only on the generous freebies that designers throw my way (which is always appreciated and I never turn down freebies!).  But I feel my blogging is more honest, more true, when I can blog it from the shopper’s point of view.  This is what I spent my Lindens on.  And I like it.

I dunno.  I’ve just rambled a whole lot and I’m not sure where to go from here.  I’m not leaving SL.  And I’m not abandoning blogging.  Just letting you know I’m kind of sitting on a lilypad in the middle of a pond going, “huh?”.

Feel free to leave comments if you so see fit.

Thank you for listening.

~*~ Aly ~*~

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