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Let’s start by getting a few things straight:

– These are my opinions only.  I have my own brain and my brain talks to my fingers and tells my fingers what to type.  There is no one else speaking here but me.  I am entitled to my opinion just like you are entitled to yours.

– There is no right or wrong opinion.  If there were, there would be no such thing as an opinion.  There would just be right and wrong answers.

– Trying to convince me that my thinking is completely wrong and twisted and doesn’t comply with your own is futile.  Refer back one.  There is no right or wrong opinion.  If you feel that strongly, I recommend you start a blog of your own.  This is my space.  I get to write here.  Deal with it.

With that out of the way, let’s continue.

I took a break from blogging for a lot of small little reasons, but for one big, main reason.  That reason was fundage.  With the change in my residence and the change in my RL job, the change in my income was severe.  The side effect was less (or, in most cases, no) money that could be used to transform into spendable Lindens to feed my insatiable shopaholic feeding frenzy.  Sorry, but RL unpaid bills have more of a consequence than not being able to pay rent on virtual land (yes, I let that go too.  I’m virtually homeless).

But we’ve all had to face that reality.  If you haven’t, then you’re still a noob.  And a sensible SL’er knows when its time to turn focus and attention to RL and deal with it and all its many demands.  I’m not the first.  I certainly will not be the last.

So now, go ahead and ask.  What has changed that brings me back now?

Nothing monetary.  I’m still pinching from RL paycheck to RL paycheck, making sure the bills get paid and I have food to eat.  Those are priorities.  They take precedence.

But in recent weeks, I have been a listener on many a conversation between designers and fashionistas alike, all commenting on one main theme:  bloggers who have a reason and a focus to blog, not just ask for a free review pack for no other reason than to say they blogged a designer once….sometime…somewhere.

This makes me think back to the main core of why I started blogging:  my love of SL fashion.  I have always been amazed by the wonderful creations talented designers conjure up for us poor fashion fiends.  In my 3 ½ years in SL, I have seen so many advancements in designs and creations, each one with their own unique style and touch.  Every niche of clothing, every style of jewelry, every variety of shoes, every avenue of hairstyles…..all of it…. it all combines to make what SL fashion is today.

Hence, the 68K inventory.  I love it THAT much.

Did that love disappear?  Nope, never did.  It’s still here.  I still skim over the fashion feed and pop my head into my favorite stores to see what’s new in the minds of those that can create.

Only…my wallet is empty.  Depressingly so.

Well, that will no longer hold me from blogging what I love.

I have 68K worth of fashion love to blog.  I don’t need to blog every new release that comes out.  There are plenty of bloggers that do that already and do it quite well and help to keep your fingers on the pulse of the new release vein.

I want to share my fashion love with you.  I want to blog designers, showing pieces that I’ve bought with my own Lindens because I wanted them.  Because I liked them.  How can I honestly blog to you a designer and/or an item and influence you to buy it when I wouldn’t buy it or shop there myself?  To me, that’s not the core of my blogging.  I love to shop.  I love fashion.  I want to show you what I love.

So that is what you will see here.  You will see established designers that have been around for a while and have grown their brands to great lengths – you’ll see some old stuff and some new stuff (note to self:  make sure to note what’s new and old), helping to reenergize your own love of that designer.  Or even maybe introducing you to someone you’ve never shopped at before.

You’ll also see some relatively new designers.  Designers of which I have fallen in love with their first and second generation creations and wish to share that love with you.

Will I have brand spanking new releases?  Hopefully.  We’ll see what Lindens I can scrape up for a little shopping here and there.  It is awfully hard to break this spending habit.

For designers, I will continue to do what I had been doing:  giving you a loving poke when I have blogged you and making you smile, which in turn makes me smile.  I may also (still toying with this idea) poke you prior to posting to let you know you are on my list and if there is anything in particular you would like me to feature.  I’m not here to ask for freebies or review packs.  I leave that decision in your hands.  It is your business, you work insanely hard at it, you choose the value of what you give and who you give it to.  I want to be one of your many tools you have at your disposal to get your name and your creations out to the shopping masses.  Oh, it’s also been suggested to me that I humbly ask those designers of which I love their stuff but it is a little out of my price range if they would like to give me a giftcard to shop for their blog post.  That still feels weird to me.  I don’t like to mooch.  So we’ll see.

To the critics….

– Yes, I do have designers on my friends list.  They have gotten on my list for one reason or another.  And if they choose to give me stuff because they want to, that’s their decision.  And if I choose to blog them, that’s my decision.  If you have a problem with it, go find some friends of your own.

– No, I’m not paid to blog.  Let’s be honest:  if I was, I wouldn’t be writing this post.  Dur.  Moving on.

I’m excited.  Blogging makes me all girly giddy and I can’t explain why.  But I have missed it.  Time to get back to it.

Let’s get rockin’!

Hair by Truth
Outfit by Zaara
Jewelry by Mandala
Skin by Exodi
Wings by Material Squirrel

~*~ Aly ~*~


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Howdy SL land!

Yep, I’m still around.  Maybe you missed me.  Maybe you didn’t.  Maybe you didn’t even know who I am.

Anyhoo, I’m gonna be doing some housecleaning – fixing up some blog links and such.  May fiddle with the design, dunno yet.

Something is sparking in my mind.  It is taking form.  It has some thoughts.  Not ready for the publish button yet though.

Close.  Very close.

Stay tuned.  Ya know…if you want to….

~*~ Aly ~*~

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