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Sooo my little brain came up with a little idea….


Many people seem to like! 😀

Via Plurk, I offered up the idea of weekly themes (challenges if you feel so inclined to call them) for the SL blogging community to help keep us on our toes and drum up inspiration and unity.  Apparently, more than just one person liked the idea.  And then I smiled.  Big.

Whilst I will try to own up to my own challenges, I will try to post weekly those that have decided to take up that week’s challenge.  Nothing is mandatory or required.  It is meant to be fun and inspiring.  If you would like to be kept up-to-date with the next theme, please friend me on Plurk.

To my plurky bloggers:  I will try my best to keep the weekly lists up-to-date as I see them posted on Plurk.  If you notice after a day that I haven’t added you, please send me a private Plurk and I’ll add you on.

~*~ Aly ~*~

No particular order here, kids.  Just as I find them lol!

Kitty Lalonde
Luna Jubilee
Chandni Khondji
Syngen Sohmers
Willow Zander
Rylan Carling
Grazia Horwitz
Sileny Noel
Aly Warwillow
Shayariel Teardrop
Asthenia Pinazzo
Tanaquil Beaumont
Meara Deschanel
Bottle Bird
Giela Delpaso
Madison Morlim
Brandy Rasmuson
Alicia Chenaux
Phoenix Chapman
TrinityBelle Meriman
Lourdes Denimore
Bells Semyorka
(ignore this placeholder; it’s so I can add the next person and not mess up my links!) 😛


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Come on over and pamper your prim feet with delectable goodies from SL’s most talented designers!!

Please help support our charity Soles4Souls!!  We are so close to reaching our goal!!!

Explore the four sims of farm fresh goodness and take piccies like this!

I dunno what they are wearing (sorry girls!) other than Truth hair lol but here’s what I’m wearing:

Boots by Anexxx (at the Shoe Fair!)
Pants by League
Top by BOOM
Jewelry by Fusion (Platinum Hunt)
Hair by Truth
Hat by Digital Knickers (Platinum Hunt)
Skin by Exodi
Wheelbarrow Pose Prop by Adorkable (at the Shoe Fair!  Look for the haybale!)

If you would like a peek at what you can find at the fair, check out the Shoe Fair Blog.

Hop on this bus to get there now!

See you at the Fair!
~*~ Aly ~*~

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SHOE FAIR IN REVIEW POST #1: Shiny Things, Orange Creations, Drakke Designs

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen an endless amount of yummy goodness coming from this year’s Shoe Fair.  I know, I’ve been watching!

But I also did my fair amount of shopping to help support this year’s charity Soles4Souls.  And I had some very generous giftiness from some very generous designers.  And now I’m all goofy geeky cheery…and stuff. 😀

So now that the fair is running full speed, I have been able to sit down and put together some piccies for posties for yousies.  I hope you find these as yummy as I did!

Photo details and SLurls to the Shoe Fair sims are at the bottom.


BLOG:  Shoe Fair Post #1 - Shiny Things

BLOG:  Shoe Fair Post #1 - Orange Creations

BLOG:  Shoe Fair Post #1 - Drakke Designs

Come and check them out for yourself! You know you want to! 😉

Worn in all photos (less the shoes…cause like…you already know those…):

Lingerie:   Insolence – Elsa (Purple Liberty)
Hair:  Truth – Kami (Mahogany/Streaked Blonde)
Jewelry:  Fusion – Cord Pendant Set (Platinum Hunt Item)
Skin:  Exodi – Isolde (Nuit Tone/#17 Makeup (Group Gift))
Pose Prop:  LostAngel – Dressing Room Dormeuse (Pink)

Drakke Designs can be found on the Osmium sim (SLurl)
Orange Creations can be found on the Rhodium sim (SLurl)
Shiny Things can be found on the Ruthenium sim (SLurl)

~*~ Aly ~*~

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I’m a little late in posting, but along with Phoenix Chapman, Anastasia Trefusis and Delora Starbrook, I’ve been working my tail off on last minute details prior to the fair opening.  It has been tiring, but very rewarding!  I have had the pleasure of working with an amazing team and meeting talented designers.  The Shoe Fair has soo much to offer everyone and the sims look amazing!  You are going to have to take at least one picture!

And, you get bonus points if you come dressed to match the theme:  farm life.  Here is my outfit…which I am lovingggggggg.

Shirt by WoE (Lunden)
Tank by WoE (Manda – in the gatcha machine at the mainstore!)
Jeans by WoE (Graecyn)
Earrings by Indyra Originals (Nuvella Hoops)
Necklace by Exodi (Alysha)
Skin by Exodi (Isolde – group gift)
Hair by Celestial Studios (Annie May)

I’ll be doing a more shoe related post or two…or three…or four….later on (read:  I have to get my insane shopping in order to figure out what to post!).  But until then, please keep your eye on the official Shoe Fair Blog.  We have some amazing and talented bloggers blogging their little hearts out to keep you up-to-date on what you can find at the fair.

Please come and shop the Shoe Fair, to benefit Soles4Souls!

See you there!
~*~ Aly ~*~

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Exodi & WoE New Sim Launch/Hunt/Party/Skin Release/OMG SO MUCH!

Looking for something to do on a Tuesday night?  Then you must join me at the Exodi & WoE New Sim Launch, tonight, Tuesday, August 3rd, starting at 5pm SLT!!

And for a sneak peek at what you can get tonight, check these pics!

BLOG:  Exodi New Sim Launch Party!!

And yes! Those pics were taken at the new sim!! You can click on the pic to follow to my Flickr for details on what it all is and where to find it!

I hope to see you all tonight to come have some fun and walk away with insane prizes!!

~*~ Aly ~*~

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