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I wouldn’t be much of a sport if I didn’t do my own challenge, let alone the first one….

I have decided that the best way for me to do the challenges is post mine on Sunday to finish out the current week’s challenge and put up details for the next week’s.  So I sayeth, so it shall be done!

I saw an awful lot of amazing posts… many people digging way down, a lot of them noting how they just deleted a lot of old stuff (I have NO idea how you people do that.  I have not deleted anything since I rezzed lol!).  Amazing creations and combos came out this week.  I hope mine measures up.

The skin is the first “real” skin I had after leaving newbiedom.  And it was given to me the night my shape was made….by a very dear friend who took advantage of the fact that it was 4AM for me and she was in Australia and thought it was keen time to drag me kicking and screaming to update my look.  Hence, the birth of my blog.  That was mid-September, 2007.   Wow, my av is old.  So that is Naughty Designs skin.  The only one I have.

The outfit was kind of cool to put together.  I think a lot of newer bloggers or fashionistas read my blog and only think I can blog what is given to me in whole outfits.   Well, I may be an oldie myself, but I still dress my little barbie av with as much creativity as you do, kiddies!   I remember getting the Girlie outfit.  I think I wore it for a good week before someone told me they saw enough of it.  It comes with pants and a skirt, but I desperately wanted to wear jeans.  And you can’t go wrong with Celestial Studios.  You just can’t.  The belt from Nyte’N’Day gives it that last detail that you just know you need.

Shiny Things was one of the first stores I discovered for some awesome jewelry.  Fallingwater has some amazing creations and the Savage set is one of them.  Awesome to look at, amazing to wear.

I remember when the Fedorable came out for Hair Fair.  It was all over the feeds.  And for good reason.  It’s a great creation.  Torrid is greatly missed from the fashion scene.

The shoes from Periquita are the “newest” purchase of the outfit, having been acquired in September of 2008.  They’re cute.   Go ahead and look for a while. I don’t mind.

My poses are from Long Awkward Pose, who was one of the first pose stores I truly spent tons of Lindens at and I’m sure made Dove a happy girl in the process. 

So there you have it.  How’d I do?

BLOG:  Plurky Challenge #1:  Oldies But Goodies


Hair:  TorridWear – Fedorable Loveless (Wheat)
Jewelry:  Shiny Things – Savage Silver & Tanzanite Set
Pants:  Celestial Studios – Vintage Embellished Jeans
Top:  Girlie – Juliet Linen
Belt:  Nyte’N’Day – Basic Black Belt
Shoes:  Periquita – Mary Squares (Brown)
Skin:  Naughty Designs – Spotlight Beach Tan (Icy Coffee)
Poses:  Long Awkward Pose

And now………for details on next week’s challenge, read up here or on my Plurk.

Have a great week folks!
~*~ Aly ~*~


September 5, 2010 - Posted by | Plurky Blogger Challenge

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