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For those that are following, Plurky Blogger Challenge #2 is up and running!

Anyone not on Plurk and/or not on my timeline and would like to take part, details for this week’s theme – Gone, But Not Forgotten – can be found here.

For my Plurkers, I will do my best to gather what URLs you leave me.  As always, if you don’t see yours listed within a day or so, feel free to PP me!  I’m out of town this week on vacation, but I’ll have my laptop and hopefully reliable wireless.  So I do not anticipate too much of a delay getting everyone in.

For my non-Plurkers, please use the comment section on the post to post your link.

Thank you everyone again for taking part!  I have gotten an immense amount of positive responses and it makes me all happy and stuff!

Happy themeing!
~*~ Aly ~*~

This week’s participants are…….

Rylan Carling
Willow Zander
Bells Semyorka
Meara Deschanel
Corina Carlberg
Phoenix Chapman
Phoenix Chapman for bonus color day
TrinityBelle Meriman for bonus color day
KelloTaganov GossipGirl for bonus color day
Madison Morlim for bonus color day
VikiRose Ansar for bonus color day
Shayariel Teardrop for bonus color day
TrinityBelle Meriman
Madison Morlim
KelloTaganov GossipGirl
Shayariel Teardrop
Kitty Lalonde
Chandni Khondji
VikiRose Ansar
Tanaquil Beaumont
(this is the famous placeholder I put here so that I can post links and not mess them up like I apparently tend to do)


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