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Hola peeps!

I apologize for being a bit behind.  After an amazing vacation in Myrtle Beach, I was simply unable to update links from last week’s challenge and post the details for this week’s last night.   Too many things to do, not enough time before I promptly pass out in bed.  Please forgive me, my dear challengers and challenge followers.  I will work on getting everything updated as quickly as my little fingers can type.

In the meantime, onwards and upwards!  Week 3 is upon us and you can read up on this week’s challenge details here!

Plurkers can leave me their links on Plurk.  Non-plurkers can leave their links in comments here.

Have fun!
~*~ Aly ~*~

Challengers ahead…………..

Aly Warwillow
Bells Semyorka
Phoenix Chapman
(my little placeholder thingy)


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