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FASHION: The Golden Path

I wanted to post this weekend, but SL wanted to wage war against the upper half of my body and not let me rez OR change ANYTHING on that part of my body….grrrr….

So now that SL is letting me play, I hopped over to The Dressing Room Blue and picked up this awesome mesh top from Baiastice.  I am loving the texture on this, it’s so rich in the gold with the red mixing in to a point.  I already had the shorts from Zaara in my inventory – even though I’ll admit that I completely forgot I had the fat pack lol I thought I only had black!  My biggest problem putting this outfit together – the necklace.  Limited fundage meant I couldn’t go shopping at will.  75K+ inventory items later, I finally found the perfect necklace, which helped to pull the subtle red out of the shirt.

Feel the golden love….

I’m ready for my close up!!


Top:  Baiastice – Gimha Mesh Shirt (available @ The Dressing Room Blue)

Shorts:  Zaara – Mitya Shorts in Gold

Shoes:  Purrfect 10 – Florence Heels in Autumn Brown

Nails:  Exodi – Sculpted Nails in Sangria (store is now closed)

Hair:  Truth – Kalia in Mahogany Streaked

Necklace:  Exodi – Nyla Necklace in Fire (store is now closed)

Earrings:  Zaara – Anaya Onyx Earrings in Gold

Bangles:  Zaara – Nizam Choodiya Bangles in Gold/White

Skin:  Glam Affair – Linn in Medium Tan/D/09

Makeup:  Exodi – Smokey Shadows in Smog; Blacklace Beauty – Radiance Shadow 4 w/lashes; Djinn & Tonic – Lipstick in Sweetly

Poses:  Diesel Works – Scarlett Poses

Have a Happy Hump Day!!

~*~ Aly ~*~


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FASHION: New Discoveries & Some Rediscoveries

So, the very first thing I want to do is give a shout out and a thank you to my friend and fellow blogger, Miss Berry (aka Strawberry Singh).  I was very distraught when I discovered that my beloved Picnik was no more.  It got gobbled up into Google-land.  I was sooooo not looking forward to have to go back to applications Powerpoint-y to do blog photos.  Alas, Berry posted this weekend – and apparently, several times before lol! – about an online FREE photo editing system called PicMonkey.  And lemme tell ya….. I am LOVING it!!!  It is very similar to Picnik and it looks like it is just going to become more and more awesome.  So thank you Berry!!!!  Make sure you all go out and check out her blog.   She is among the best!

I have become recently employed in SL and had some Lindens to burn.  Poked around the blogs and the feeds and the Plurks…. and wound up in several places.  Contained herein are the results of that journey.  First, the artsy photo…..

I journeyed over to Illusory to check out the 50% sale that was going on.  That lead me to a new skin (I know!  Don’t faint!) and a pretty cool top.  Illusory is merging with Aura, so those items that are not becoming part of the merge are on sale.  No end date set yet, so make sure you check it out while you can.   After Illusory, I walked over to Aura and found these mesh jeans.  There are soooo many patterns and colors that I will more than likely end up going back for more.   The jewelry was a great purchase I had upon my revisit to League.  I was originally looking for a halter top (found a different one somewhere else for a future post), but instead I found this great set.  The necklace is my favorite out of the whole thing – the strands, the discs.. I love it all!  And my other rediscovery – Diesel Works.   Another sale going on here – 50% off select items – so I grabbed a couple of pose sets and a prop.

I am really enjoying being back in SL.   Finding new stuff, rediscovering old……  I’m a nerd like that.

Just deal with it.

The not-so-artsy photo – only 15% color boost – and details below:

Top:  Aura – Inked Mini in Gloom

Jeans:  Aura – Class Act Pants in  Cheveron 3

Shoes:  N-core – Cherie XtremeHeel II

Hair:  Truth – Enisa w/Roots in Mahogany

Nails:  Exodi – Sculpted Nails v2 in Jet Black (store is closed)

Jewelry:  League – Wanderer Set in Black

Skin:  Illusory – Love in Caramel/Smoked

Additional Makeup:  Blacklace Beauty Radiance Shadow 4 w/lashes; Exodi Makeups Smokey Shadows in Smog; Illusory Love Lips Lipstick in Coffee Bean.

Poses:  Diesel Works – Diva II

Later taters!

~*~ Aly ~*~

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Look Out! I’m Back!! Oh Yeah, And Some Fashion Too!

Almost two years since my last post and almost a year out of SL……

Well, what can I say…. I missed Second Life.  Just a little.  Don’t get a big head or anything.

Getting back into the blogging, getting sucked into the mesh movement, working on some stuff for myself….  It all looks promising.

But it would not be a proper welcome back without some fashion post, right?  So here we go!

This is the latest release from Rebel Hope Designs, with Rebel Hope herself behind the wheel.  This Bella Mesh Gown is just entirely yummy.  The color is rich, the texture is lush, and the mesh form is great.  Granted, I’m new to the mesh arena, so I’m still learning the ins and outs of wearing and admiring it.  But this is just a great piece.  It does come with two alpha versions – one to show feet, and one not to show the feet – and sizes range from XXS to L.  The arm pieces are a separate mesh, so if for some reason you don’t want to wear them….don’t put them on!

I’ve been a Rebel Hope shopper since I started SL in 2006 and her designs continue to grow and change while still maintaining quality and creativity.  If you have never shopped there before, please go check it out.  I’m sure you’ll find at least ONE thing you’ll start counting your Linden pennies for!


Styling Details:

Dress:  Rebel Hope Designs – Bella Mesh Gown in Lavender

Hair:  Truth – Eden in Mahogany

Necklace:  LOULOU&CO – Platinum Necklace (from Platinum Hunt 2010)

Earrings:  Zaara – Anaya Onyx Earrings in Gold

Nails:  Exodi – Sculpted Nails in Lilac (this store is closed)

Skin:  Exodi – Sophie in Soliel (this store is closed)


I am excited to return to blogging and SL and hope that you will join me for the ride!

Keep smiling!

~ Aly ~

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