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CCC February 2009

Cera’s back!!!

As I try to get back into the swing of things, Cera joins me once again with her own combo styles.

Hope you all like!  Details follow the pic!

CCC - February 2009


Shoes:  Hot Gear – Green Crush Camo Set
Pants:  Reaction Girl – GrimeR White
Shirt:  Style Starts Here – Hoodie Pornstar Olive
Hair:  Truth – Louisa (Java Walnut)

Schnuggles to all!
~*~ Aly ~*~


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CCC February: Installment #2

And here is the other part of Cera’s Closet Combos for February.  Hope you like ’em!


Hair:  ETD- Willis 2- Chocolate
Tattoo:  Ink Slingers- Tribal Butterfly Tattoo Set
Shorts:  Nyte’N’Day – Frayed Booty Shorts
Shoes:  Action- Blue Flip Flops
Top:  BubbleFish – Laffy Taffy Bikini



Hair:  Armidi Hair- The Pasadena Girl IV – Brunette Collection
Pants:  Chic Boutique- Versace and Linen (pants)
Top:  Last Call- Nadirra (top)
Bracelets:  Digital Dragon Designs (g) Double Large Bangles
Shoes:  Strappy Heels Gold White Linen (designer unknown – freebie)


Almost the weekend!!  WOOT WOOT!!
~*~ Aly ~*~

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CCC February: Installment #1

She’s back!! :o)  Well, I can’t lie.  She’s been wanting me to do her post forever, but I couldn’t continue on before the Last Call post was done.  So many hugs and kisses to Cera for being patient and putting up with my random “SL made me naked again!” IMs.

Cera has five total combos for February for you lovely people.  So I broke it up into two installments so you can easily soak everything in.

I think she was in a comfy mood, because that’s what a lot of these combos are – comfy.  But have a look for yourself and you decide. :o)


Hair:  ETD- Lisa -Crimson Burnt
Bracelet:  Artilleri- Racer Bracelet
Belly Tat:  Aitui Tattoo- Express (underpants)
Arm Tats:  Aitui Tattoo- Radiant Sleeves
Nose Piercing:  Goth1c0- Nose Bridge
Necklace:  Refuge- Cuff Necklace
Lip Piercing:  :7DP: – Unisex Stars Piercing
Top:  *HCT*- Red Strippies Shirt
Skirt:  *Action Punk Skirts Black Tartan
Shoes:  [lilolOops] Plaid shoes



Earrings:  DigitalDragonDesigns – Large Diamond Loop Earrings
Hair:  ETD- Meghan- Chocolate
Top:  Fireflies – Wasted Shirt
Pants:  Reaction Girls- Razie Shorts – Khaki



Face Accessory:  (DN) Ornamentation – Cheekies – Stars Black
Pants:  Reaction Girls- Punk Pink Pinstripe pants
Shoes:  Reaction Girls- Kandie Shoes   (hee hee, I bought her those so long ago!)
Top:  Wrong – Skullz Cami (Pink)
Hair:  ETD- Deidra – Black Pink


Look for the 2nd installment tomorrow!!

Keep cool kids!
~*~ Aly ~*~

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CCC #2 – Cera’s Back with More

So, she had so much fun doing the first one and had such a good response (I knew she’d get hooked), that she’s been knocking on my door, begging to do the next installment.

Well, I finally gave in and unlocked the door. lol

Hope you all enjoy!!


Hair:                   ETD – Brittany
Sunglasses:       Frangipani Designs – Paris Shades
Sweater:            Nyte’N’Day – Comfy Hoodie
Undershirt:       Nyte’N’Day – Wife Beater
Pants:                Goth1c0 – White Belt Stripe Pants
Shoes:                Yuka – White Pearl
Earrings:           Woo’s – Hooptastic Zebra


Hair:                                         Armidi – The Short V
Shirt:                                        Artilleri – Beatrix
Jeans:                                      Crave – Solo Destroyed
Shoes:                                      Celestial Studio – Black Pumps
Earrings:                                 JCNY – Formal
Belly Button Piercing:           Xcite – Hugs N Kisses Belly Button Piercing

Keep shopping peeps!
~*~ Aly ~*~

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CCC: Cera’s Closet Combos #1

Yay!!!  I got her to do it!!!

I’d like introduce to everyone my best friend Cera.  She’s a shopaholic like moi and has her own style.  Most of all, she loves to mix and match. I was watching her one day and was like, “That’s it.  You’re getting a spot on my blog”.  She didn’t argue.

I’m hoping to make this a weekly installment, but we’ll see how life goes.

Ladies and Gentleman, I’m very proud to present:



Hair:               ETD – Nadia
Hoodie:          Frustrated Inc. – In the Hoodie
Undershirt:   ETD – Wife Beater
Jeans:            Nyte’N’Day – Button Fly
Shoes:            Yuka – Black Pearl
Necklace:       Alyssa Bijoux – Customized Nameplate


Hair:              ETD – Maxine
Jacket:          Mischief – Take Charge
Jeans:           Mischief – Bad Girl
Boots:           Unknown – Black Stiletto Thigh Boots
Necklace:     Alyssa Bijoux – Diamond Linked Heart Necklace

I hope her combos inspire you to find your own style from the clothes you already own.  Keep your eyes peeled for the next installment. 

And welcome Cera!!!!  *big huge tackle hugs*

Love ya and stuff,
~*~ Aly ~*~

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