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CHALLENGE: Dress Me Up – Achariya’s Suggestion

Told ya I’d be back today!  So nyah! :op

So as you know, I threw my av body into the Dress Me Up Challenge ring.  And its creator – Achariya – gave me the first suggestion:

“Cuuuuute undies !! Let’s seeeee. I’d like to see you in an ensemble from Curious Kitties — something adorable and fluffy, or sleek and buckley.”

So, I hitched up my pants and went for my first time ever to Curious Kitties.  And this… what I came out with.  I hope Achariya likes it!

Dress Me Up Challenge - Achariya's Suggestion

I got a lot of stuff, but all said and done, I think this combo worked best for what Achariya was suggesting.


Top:  Curious Kitties – Kanoluk Top (Purple)
Skirt:  Curious Kitties – Love Me Skirt (Purple)
Hair:  Curious Kitties – Nyanotech Hair/Lixeni
Ears:  Curious Kitties – Nyanotech Hair/Flexi Kitty Ears
Tail:  Curious Kitties – Nyanotech Hair/Ribbon Bound Tail
Boots:  Katat0nik – Mortido Boots (Black/White)

What say you all?
~*~ Aly ~*~


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CHALLENGE: BareRose – Installment #1

See?  I’m being a good blogger!  How will you all keep up now? :op

So, Winter Jefferson had challenged us bloggers to blog some Bare Rose items.  And I will be the first to admit:  I didn’t really shop Bare Rose.

Not because I didn’t like June’s stuff.  But I could never get there and shop successfully due to the insane lag (which is partly my own comp’s fault because yeah, we know I need a new one!).  I had a few in my inventory from Fashion Expos and such, but not a really good sampling.

Enter Ana Lutetia, my new Plurk friend.  She was insanely nice and generous and went forth and purchased some items for me.  Then…..I took a chance myself and TP’d over.   After about 15-20 relogs (nope, not an exaggeration), I purchased more!  Rest assured, my Bare Rose collection is no longer pitiful.

So I’ll post some of the ones that I can manage to photograph before my hard drive complains.  I’m hoping to post at least 8-10 outfits in all, but we shall see.

Now that you have that whooooooooole introduction, let’s see the goods!!

BareRose #1

Isn’t it pretty???  The texture is simply amazing and the whole dress is elegant.  And it even came with the jewelry and the bag!!!!


Shoes:  Kitties Lair – Anita (Black/Silver Trim)
Hair:  ETD – Lynne (Mahogany Burnt)
Dress (with accessories):  BareRose – Allura (Purple)

BareRose #2

Totally different, right? You can find so many different looks at Bare Rose!!


Hair:  ETD – Jackie (Mahogany Burn)
Hair Accessory:  Eolande’s – ETD Jackie Headband (Silver)
Boots:  Enkythings – Cypa (Black/Passenger)
Outfit:  BareRose – Anuket (Purple)

Hope everyone likes!  I’ll be back soon with more!

~*~ Aly ~*~

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