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FOotM: Cool Fashion

OMG!  Don’t faint!  Yes!!  It is a Favorite Outfit of the Moment post!!! :o)

Shush you! :op

So after all my costumes, I wanted to just throw on some clothes to be comfy and fashionable.  And then I find unopened boxes in my inventory.  Like finding the hidden present in the Christmas tree!

FOotM - November 2008

Let’s start from the bottom up….

The boots:  omg!!  Yummy!!!  I happened upon League whilst surfing around SLExchange.  If you’ve never been to League, you are missing it!!  But these boots?  OMG!!  These boots I SLusted after!!  The zipper up the side and the (OMG!) amazing fit with NO resizing!!!  Ok, I’m done drooling.

The outfit:  Lexi posted this outfit on her Flickr and I left a one-word comment:  WANT!  LOL well, she granted my wish and sent me this Halloween present.  The skirt is cute as hell, the sweater is wonderfully textured….this is what I want to disappear in during the cold months.

The hair:  for some reason, I gravitate towards this hair during the cold months.  Have no idea why, but it’s cute, it’s flirty, and it fits prim collars for sweaters awesomely (maybe that’s why…..).

The eyes:  eyes?  Yes!  Eyes!!  I was dropped two review packs and they swam in the depths of my inventory for probably ever.  I had never thought to get new eyes.  Didn’t really think of it.  But when I put this on, I couldn’t stop looking.

FOotm - November 2008

The pic doesn’t do them justice and I’m a tard and couldn’t figure out how to get close enough.  But if you can tell, they are just gorgeous.  This is Dualtone Steel 3, but the offerings from Scarlia Inc. is sure to make you want to grab at least a pair…or two…or eight.

Details & SLurls:

Boots:  League – Sinaed Boots (Brown)
Creator:  Nena Janus
Direct SLurl:

Eyes:  Scarlia Inc – Dualtone Eyes (Steel 3)
Creator:  Scar Ayres & Alia Whitfield
Temporarilty available at A.D. Studios while mainstore is being built
Direct SLurl:

Hair:  Celestial Studios – Poppy (Simmer)
Creator:  Starley Therian
Direct SLurl:

Outfit:  Stellar Designs – Essential Sweaterdress (Red)
Creator:  Lexi Morgan
Direct SLurl:

Happy shopping!
~*~ Aly ~*~


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FOotM: Cozy & Styling for the Cold

So, I drove home today from work (early I might add) through 5 inches plus some snow and it just made me cold.  When I logged on, I had to bundle up.  And of course, we have to be stylish. :o)

Here’s my current FOotM.  I hope you like it as much as I do.


Details as follows:

Hair:                 Celestial Studios – Poppy in Simmer
Shirt:                Encore – Freshman Shirt in Plum
Pants:               Last Call – Compliquee Dark Jeans
Boots:               Maitreya – Dune in Brown
Necklace:         LC Covet – Chloe Necklace in Fuchsia
Earrings:          JCNY – Empress Diamond Earrings

Keep shopping!!  Burn those lindens!!
~*~ Aly ~*~

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FOotM: Soft in Purple

Ok, inspiration has struck again.  You poor people are going to think I’ve completely lost my mind.  Well, it’s ok.  I have fun anyway! :o)

FOotM.  Oh yeah…should probably explain what that stands for.  Favorite Outfit of the Moment.  Can randomly occur when trying to put together an outfit for anything.  More than likely will occur after random acts of shopping.

So here is the outfit I put together that inspired this new category:


It’s soft.  It’s pretty.  It’s purple.  I love it.

Detailed items follow:

Hair:         ETD – Holly in Mahogany Burnt
Top:          PixelDolls – Wraith Top in Violet
Skirt:        Awesome Designs – Sexy Skirt in Black
Jewelry:   Shiny Things – Nighttime Gems in Silver
Boots:       Hexed – Black Suede Boots

There you have it.  Hope you like it as much as I do.

Enjoy your holiday!
~*~ Aly ~*~

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