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FRESH OFF THE BLOGS: Mayhaps Something New?

Yes, please duly note the “mayhaps” in my title.  Jelly is having her effect.

Been thinking maybe I should look at a slightly different format to my blog posts, such as the FOTB.  I think because I forced myself into a schedule at a time where I have to be flexible did me in.  So maybe FOTBs whenever I can sit down to do them.  We shall see.

As I poke through my Google Reader, we find (prolly a good chunk of St. Patty’s stuff, but let’s see):

– DE Designs’ “Paper Angel” released in purple!!!!  DoC loves me!! *insert drooling here* Oh!!  And “Nauve” looks extra casual chic!!!  You gotta check it out!!  (

– Ivalde Skin Sale!!!  75% off, putting starting prices at L$200.  Where’s Ryker?  *shoves the skinaholic towards the sale* (

– New Skins, Hair & Boots from Truth!!  Cera will DEFINITELY be getting Tahlia 2.  That is SOOOOO her style!!! (

– New Dress Collection “Sweet Theresa” from Nicky Ree!!!  Nicky’s flower patterns definitely make me think of warmer weather. *ignores the almost 12 inches of snow that fell on Monday* (

– WAAYYYYY too much new stuff from Digit Darkes!!!  Skins, Clothes, Shoes, Belts!!  Gah!!  Overload!! (

– New Sexy Girlie Wear from Stellar!!!!  Oh!!  And Wedgies!!!  I think Lexi just likes watching my head spin as I try to shop!!! (

– SySy’s Chic and Silly!!  I love it!!  She’s so funny!  First, she gives us “Fruit Dresses”…..with actual fruit attached!!  OMG!!  Then she gives us ultra chic gowns!  So smooth and sexy!  Did I mention I like the purple one? *slight drool* (

– “Cell Block Tango” at Reel Expression!!  This is why Luth rawks.  She took perhaps my most favorite song/dance scene from a musical movie and brought it to SL.  I’m in heaven.  (

My head my explode.  I’m off to shop.

Later my darlins!!
~*~ Aly ~*~


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FRESH OFF THE BLOGS: OMG!! Valentine’s Day Is HOW Many Days Away???

Is it just me……

Or is this year flying by at an increased pace?

I mean, eight days till Valentine’s Day?  How the hell did that happen?

Granted, time slows down to a painful halt when I’m at work.  But I’m convinced I work in the Twilight Zone anyway.

Have you done your shopping?  Why not check these out:

– Hop on over to LVS Drive and pick up a beautiful dangling heart necklace from Lynx and some sexy lingerie from LVS.  See?  Two presents done in one stop!! (

– Then you can TP over to Stellar and pick up some more his and hers gifts:  “Heartbreaker Silk Jammies”, a sexy as hell top and mini-skirt outfit titled “Crush”, and a diamond and ruby jewelry set titled “Mi Amore”.  (

– Kinkiness needs sexy love too!!  Dark Eden gives us “Cephalopod Valentine’s Silks”.  Verrrrrry sexy cute! (

– Drop by Mischief and see the sweet and sexy newness Janie has been putting out.   Couple of items there that are sure to turn up the heat.  (

– New releases over at Nyte’N’Day!  You’ll find:  Floret – a babydoll top with tights; Crumby – a sexy tank with a flirty skirt set; Amity – cute boy shorts with matching tank; and Patina – a beautiful formal dress with a sculpted tie/belt.  (

– BOOTS!!!  Tesla releases “Kensington”, the much anticipated tall boot.  The colors are gorgeous, fully sculpted and come with resizing scripts if you need that slight adjustment.  Yummy!!! (

– Coming up on February 10th, Nicky Ree releases the Mui Magic Collection.  As usual, Nicky gives us so many different options in a set rich in textures.  Gorgeous.  (

– What girl couldn’t use one more casual, gorgeous outfit?  Head over to MichaMi and pick up Milla’s latest release, “Laila”.  Gorgeous V-neck top with matching skinny pants.  Love it!  (

That should keep you all busy until Valentine’s Day.  And don’t you dare forget my gift!!!!

Love to all!
~*~ Aly ~*~

P.S.  Don’t forget the “What Do You Wear Under There” Challenege over at the SLBCC!!

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FRESH OFF THE BLOGS: It’s Not Work, It’s a Work of Art

Don’t ask about the title.  I’ve had a long week.  Bleh.

Remember last week I said I had enough of the cold weather?  Yeah, now I’m completely and utterly disgusted with it.  Single digits and negative digits overnight.  Even my car moaned and groaned today.  Brrrrrrrrrr!!!!

Quick note:   I am contributing to a new blog, started up by Ana Lutetia, called Second Life Sales (  There, I will be blogging every Friday a week’s worth of sales.  So head on over, bookmark it, and check it every day to be kept up-to-date on those addicting SL Sales!

I am also toying with the idea of starting up one more blog, centered around SL bloggers.  So, you have been warned! 😉

Time to check what’s smokin’ hot on the blogs:

– Lexi has announced a rebirth of her baby, now called Stellar by Lexi Morgan.  I’m so excited for her, I know it was a humongous step.  Fresh off the rebirth, we get a free outfit to show off the rebirth, a L$100 Skin and Shape Sale, and some hawt looking boots called “Erotica”.  Wootness!  (

– PixelDolls has extended the L$50 Dresses sale to January 20th and added a L$50 Tops & Bottoms Sale, ending February 1st.  I guess I shall be owning most of the store soon then! LOL! (

– DoC changes it up a bit on us off of his last releases and gives us soft and prettiness, to be found in “Vita”.  A full length dress in amazing textures, versatile by matching the top with your favorite pants.  (

–  Come home from work and chill out with Janie’s latest outfit.  “After Hours” shows off your errrrmm curvies 😉 matched with some awesome looking pants.  (

– Need another pair of boots?  (why would you say no????)  Then check out Pixel Mode’s latest release, “Danielle Knee Boots”.  What I find cool about these is that they are naturally shaped in the back so that when you sit ladylike and cross your legs, the boot doesn’t go into your leg! (

A little short this week, I know.  But the feed has also been wonky the past few days.  So I had to rely on my reader only.  But that should never stop you from shopping!!!!!!!!  SHOP DAMMIT!!!

~*~ Aly ~*~

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FRESH OFF THE BLOGS: Cold Enough, kkthanxbai!!

Holy bananas!  It’s gotten so cold where I am.  When did Jack Frost fly into town?

At least I can get fashionably warm in SL.  And that’s all that matters, right? 😀

Warm up with these goodies:

– MG Fashion Factory gives us gorgeous knitted sweater dresses in a whole bunch of yummy colors.  Can’t be cold with these!! (

– Warm up the room with Mischief’s latest releases.  I’m loving the belted jacket outfit.  Very hot!  (

– Nevermind warming up the room…  The latest DE Designs release will burn the room down.  “Last Crusades” is so hot, I’m sweating looking at it!!!  Hot dayum!! (

– Stomp through the snow with the newest releases from Dark Eden.  “Vagabond” and “Nomad” have great texturing on them, giving them a classic distressed look.  (

– Lexi appears to be on fire, releasing one hot outfit after another.  There’s “Riot”, for the punk in you; “Strapped”, for that tease in you; and “Pinup”, for the cutie patootie in you.  (

– And then to heat up those private moments with your loved one(s), check out Ravekitty’s latest lingerie releases:  “My Lil Valentine” and “Illusions”.  Hot hot hot!! (

– Finally, to give the air a cool breeze from all this heat, check out Material Squirrel.  Three new wing releases plus a free one when you sign up in the Subscribe-o-matic.  Beautiful wing creations.  (

Oh, and by the way…..  only 36 days till Valentine’s Day.  Only saying because Jell keeps reminding everyone.  Just sayin.

Luv to da peeps!
~*~ Aly ~*~

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FRESH OFF THE BLOGS: A New Year….and More Shopping to Do!

Ah!  The fresh scent of a year anew!!!  Can you smell it?

And herein lies the first FOTB post of the year!  Since I was posting Holiday Sales in place of the FOTB’s for December, I’m going to list some items that were released in December.  Never fear!  They are still fresh!!  Besides, leftovers are yummy! ;o)

Fill your inventory in 2009 with:

– If you want fun and flirty, you really need to check out Lavish Style.  Katy Angel offers so many fun styles.  Her latest – Bad Kitty Neko – looks like loads of fun! (

– Been to DeLa lately?  You should go then!  Stylish blouses, hot leather pants, and a great open front coat with great detail await your eager little inventories!  (

– Need some boots?  Head over to Adam n Eve then!  There, you will find the “Rodeo” boots, yummy enough to make you say YEE-HAW!  And oh my goodness!  AO friendly!!!  WOOT!!! (

– I see a pretty updo!!  Calla gives us the very first hair release of the year with “Amaranth”.  (

– DoC closed out 2008 with a gorgeous formal gown release, entitled “Endless”.  Numerous layers for “endless” combinations.  (

– Nicky Ree’s last release for 2008 – Snow Angel – is just a wonder to see.  Elegant gown, sexy lingerie, casual goodness….all with wonderful detailing.  Amazing.  (

– Astry Mirabeau over at Digital Knickers released some sexy coolness with “Frost Nymph”.  So many options and the rich silver color of the outfit is eye catching.  And if silver isn’t your color, you can tint it! (

– I saw this gown on the feed and my jaw dropped.  Zaara gives us “Amala” and it’s just…’s just too yummy for words.  You really need to see it for yourself.  (

Here’s to a new year!!  Cheers!!
~*~ Aly ~*~

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FRESH OFF THE BLOGS: Let the Holiday Sales Commence!

Hola kiddies!!

Hope all those that celebrated Thanksgiving had a happy and healthy holiday! :o)

And here we are….Black Friday! So named because it is the day that stores see black (profit) lines in sales rather than red (losses) lines. And one of these days, I will be crazy enough in RL to venture out at obscene hours in the morning to save that one dollar on the latest Elmo doll. Maybe.

But holiday sales are not limited only to RL. Oh no!! Sales abound in SL, in all shapes, sizes, percentages, colors and forms in SL! And all you have to do is fight the lag to get there! :o)

So today’s FotB installment is packed full of sales (and a few other things here and there) sure to tempt you to open your SLwallet and spend to your heart’s content.

Take a peek inside:

– Of course, the ongoing “why haven’t you stopped by yet” sale at ETD. Everything is on sale and priced at insanely low prices. The sale goes on until December 26th at noon SL time. So you have some time….but don’t miss it! (

– Caroline’s Jewelry is having 50% off selected items posted on the board you see as soon as you walk in. Sale ends Saturday at midnight SLT. (

– La La Foo Foo (i love saying that name!) is having a L$25 sale on everything located at the mainstore. Sales goes from now until December 15th. (

– Gurl6’s special hair for today is “Beauty Mark”. It’s pretty, I like it!! In fact, all the releases this week look awesome. Must go buy!! (

– Haute Style Couture is having a one day only, Black Friday sale. 50% off everything in the store. Go go go!! (

– And another Black Friday only sale! This one is at Solange at the mainstore only. 50% off in these departments: Lingerie, Streetwear, Formal Wear and Business Wear. Just look for the purple sale signs. (

– Ok, not a sale, but pwetty lingerie. Bijou opens up the Lingerie Salon and – just from the pictures – they look absolutely yummy. Definitely go and check it out. (

– WRONG welcomes the holiday season with the return of their “free present” under the tree offering. Each day is a new present. Goes from now until Christmas Eve. PRESENTS!!! (

– SNAP sale!!! All boots half price at Adam n Eve. No end date, so hurry!! (

Go! Fly and be fruitful…in shopping and in life! :o)
~*~ Aly ~*~

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FRESH OFF THE BLOGS: The Ticking Hand of Time (OMG! Can I Shop Now?)

Here I am!!  And blogging too!  Who would have thunk it? ;op

In all seriousness now, the holidays are getting closer.  Almost time to fill up on the food we love but know we should probably have in moderation (what is that word again?).  Almost time to spend time with the ones we love but don’t see often (you mean I have to go to Aunt Marge’s house AGAIN?).  And most importantly, almost time for awesome awesome AWESOME sales in SL!

I ❤ Shopping.  *sighs*

Anyhoo, here’s the freshness:

– Adam n Eve have been busy bees as of late.   This week, they offer up (what is probably) the first installment of photorealistic skins, released on the “Evolution” line.  Very impressive, if my inexperienced skin shopper self should say so.  Also new this week, “Celebre” – a sexy dress with four versatile styles.  (

– Staying on the versatility train for a moment, Awesome Designs releases “Encore” – three looks in one and 12 different colors to choose from.  Very cute!! (

– Calico releases a new hair – “Susume” – and 11 recolors of existing styles.  Me thinks I need “Angela” and “Catherine”.  Hmmm.  (

– LVS love this week:  “Christmas Carol” gown, released into the Princess Couture line.  Absolutely amazing.  Also, the OMG-I Must Have It!-Too Friggin Cute item for me:  “Christmas Tree Packs”.  Yes folks.  Carry a fully decorated Christmas tree on your back.  Oh my.  Give me now.  (

– PixelDolls releases a coat to help us stay warm in the ever dropping temperature:  the Plaid Coat is wonderfully textured and includes a flexi-bottom for added details.  (

– A new hair and some new tops from Refuge this week.  Also, more colors of the “Bombshell” top released.  Pwetty.  (

– Lexi has been in the Christmas mood.  New releases this week include “Christmas Cutie” – a jumper-style short dress; “Santa’s Sweetie” – a flirty dress with garters and stockings; “Santa’s Naughty Helper” – ummm yeah, it’s naughty ;o) ; and for the boys, “Sexy Claus” – I would recommend every girl get this for their man before he says, “come sit on Santa’s lap”.  (

Also, make sure you stop by the Skin & Shape Expo (SLurl:  There’s sure to be an eyeful plus some to drool over in the skin department.
On my to-do list for this weekend:

  • blog post re: SL giftcards (what’s your favorite?)
  • work on some pics for various in-store poster contest thingies (ETD, Nyte’N’Day, Solange)
  • work on secret present for Lexi
  • haunt Lexi while using her giftcard to go shopping
  • pay my SLrent
  • shop of course!
  • maaaaybe actually SEE Jelly in-world?  Mayhaps? ;op

Everyone have a fabulous weekend!
~*~ Aly ~*~

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FRESH OFF THE BLOGS: Changing of the Seaons

So here we are…….November.

The weather gets cooler, the leaves turn color…..

And SL designers keep rolling out new creations and awesome sales!

I definitely don’t make enough money to be able to shop for everything…

What’s piping hot:

– NEW HAIR! OMG!! NEW HAIR!! RUN!!! Ok, I’ll be all right. But for real, Calla has new hair! And it’s hawt!!! Check it out!! (

– NEW CLOTHES!!! ZOMG!!! MUST HAVE!!! Yeah, I’m losing it kids. But for real!!! DE Designs releases its 4th Year Anniversary outfits!! Happy Anniversary DoC!! *blows kisses* (

– OMGGGGG!!! SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really have some form of a life, I promise. But for REAL!!!!!!!!! ETD – L$30 or less for ALL items! Fatpacks discounted between L$100 & L$300!! But no fear….you have until December 26th to fight your way there. (

– Two new releases from Nyte’N’Day: cute dress with shrug combo and a top set with many options (including a shrug!). (

– Cute skirt outfit fresh from Solange. I just like the name – “Missy”. How cute is that! (

– AND ANOTHER SALE!! Starley gives us girls a “Beauty Sale”. Skin, hair, eyes, eyelashes and some accessories on sale for at least 50% off. Please check the blog for further details. (

– Purty skating outfit!!! Me want!!! Lexi gives us very pretty crushed velvet ice skating outfits. I absolutely love them!! (

– ONE MORE SALE!! Luth celebrates her birthday and a new President-elect by offering us a 50% off single pose sale. Now through November 13th. (

– That is one sexy suit!! MichaMi releases “Stella” – featuring a one-button jacket with sculpted sleeves and cuffs. Verrrrry sexy. (

Stay all snuggly warm everyone!
~*~ Aly ~*~

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FRESH OFF THE BLOGS: Some Costumes, Some Hair…and Some More

You people do realize that there is less than three months left till Christmas, right?

Just checking.

Here is what’s piping hot in blogland:

– Adam n Eve releases two new costumes:  “Sorcerer” (for him) and “Sorceress” (for her).  Each has awesome detailing with runes in the outfit.  A must check out and pick up for All Hallow’s Eve.  (

– I completely missed this in my scouting around SL for my costumes post, but check out Adored!  AmySue has a plethora of costumes for your eyes to behold, as well as a Maid AO and a Witch on a Broom AO.  (

– And more costumes!!!  Awesome Designs releases two more costumes on top of its already wide offering:  Ladybug and Sexy Referee! (and possibly Tinkerbell is new too, I can’t tell!!).  (

– My friend, Tigerlily, is giving Calla a haircut….so to speak lol!  20 styles have been discounted down to 50% off and will be so until October 31st.  After that, you will see them NO MORE!!  Just look for the scissors!! (

– Yeah, I know everyone else has mentioned it, but I missed her!!  Welcome back Elika!!  And thank you for the new hair!  Can’t wait for more!!! (

– I sees new boots!!  Maitreya releases “Billow” boots.  They look friggin awesome!! (

– Lotsa newness over at Mischief!  Janie’s been busy…..and likes the short short dresses….hmmm… (

– Ivalde is having a sale on anything black or very dark.  50% off.  Now through Sunday.  Get over there before you miss it!! (

– Another short PixelDolls Green Wall sale!  Now through 9PM SLT tomorrow (Saturday), green wall items are 50% off.  (

– Oh boys!  I have another costume for you!  Rebel Hope offers up “Spartan”.  Awesomely detailed.  (

– Must….buy…..too….cute…. Solange offers up “Elan Fall Pant Set”.  Even comes with a cute scarf!!!!  (

Have fun kiddilies!
~*~ Aly ~*~

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FRESH OFF THE BLOGS: Ummm…Only a Day Late

Hi everyone!

I’m very sorry for not posting yesterday.  I was not feeling very well – I stayed in bed, slept most of the day, and discovered that there are way too many judge shows on TV during the week.  I do apologize. 

But I would never purposefully deny an FOTB post – even one that’s a day late.  And I will be posting the Halloween Hit List – Costumes after this one.

Ok, let’s see what we got:

– If you haven’t been there yet, make sure you get over to the Jewelry Expo.  It ends this weekend and there are some amazing creations to be had.  (sorry, I don’t have a SLurl at my fingertips, but you can definitely find it in the search)

– Also remember that the Glamour Expo is going on.  And….there is a hunt this weekend!!  (

– Haute Style & Co. has launched its Opium line.  The creations are fresh and the latest realease – the Abyss dress – looks sexy and stylish as all heck.  (

– I always admire Nicky Ree and her creations.  One reason is her amazing detailing in texture work.  Another is how many variations she offers in one set.  A perfect example of this is her latest “Barbara” release.  You can make at least four different outfits from one set.  Talk about a versatile package.  (

– ATTENTION SKIN ADDICTS!  Pick up your pocketbooks and head on over to TULI.  Ms. Tuli has not only opened her own sim AND is partying ALL WEEKEND, but she’s also released two new lines – Meredith and Sumi.  Why aren’t you there yet??? (

– It’s Juicy’s birfday!!  And with any birthdays, there’s always presents.  Only this time, it’s for us shoppers.   Make sure you jump over there and grab them while they last!  (

Be back soon with the Halloween post!

~*~ Aly ~*~

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