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JANUARY WRAP-UP: A Month of Sales & Fashion

So, as I poke around WordPress, I find that I’m loving my little blog stats.  And being that my RL job centers around advertising, I find it interesting to see what is popular and in demand for the public to read.

Hence the birth of “Monthly Wrap-Up”.  At the end of each month, I’ll show you what I look at – the top 10-or so posts and frequently clicked links – as well as any ideas I have of additions to this blog.  And I’ll be looking for your input.  Leave comments, tell me what you want.  If you like my idea(s) or want something different and I can do it, I’ll move forward with it.  After all, I do all this for you! :o)

I’ll break it here so that I don’t fill up unnecessary space on the feed. :o) (hopefully I did it right.  If not, I humbly apologize and quietly ask for assistance from anyone that can offer it!) But please feel free to click on over and visit!!

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