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So during my 6AM drive to work this morning (don’t ask…those that know, pity me please), I was replaying in my head all the wonderful hunts and sales I went to this weekend (thank you to the three ladies that helped me find the three dresses I was missing at Nicky Ree!  You know who you are!).  And I was struck with a thought….and then an idea.

When visiting a store to shop/hunt/peruse/etc., it becomes a bit frustrating when you try to round a corner and get caught in lag city.  Sometimes this is due to too many people in the sim.  Sometimes this is due to too many prims in one location.  Sometimes….it’s just SL.

I have a crappy laptop.  This is well known.  So I cannot truly measure how truly bad lag is in one location.  But when I hear others complain as well, I know I’m not just suffering from a dying laptop.

There are some stores we all love to go to due to the ease of shopping.  There are others where we don’t even try to step foot in the door due to the horrid lag.  Huge sales aside (where we all de-prim down to Ruth to get in the door), when shopping, the last thing we want to deal with is our avs taking 40 seconds to walk forward an inch.

So herein lies the birth of Opinion Poll of the Week.  Cast your vote in the comments and at the end of the week I will post a summary and commentary.  As I am always for helping both shopper and creator, I’m hoping maybe these will help shed some light to store owners on certain topics that will help them moving forward.

This week’s poll has two parts, so please answer both in your comment.  You can also leave reasoning as to your vote.

– Where is the best place to shop where lag is very little issue or non-existent?
– Where is the worst place to shop due to prim heavy/people heavy/whatever heavy lag?

I look forward to reading everyone’s votes and comments!

~*~ Aly ~*~


August 11, 2008 Posted by | Opinion Poll of the Week | 2 Comments