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Somewhere to Escape – Second Chance Trees

So sorry for the break in between posts.  You know how it goes…

So I have to share with everyone about my little escape in the hectic, lag ridden world of SL.  The sim is called Second Chance Trees.  A cross-world project (RL & SL), the sim is an island bursting with just simplistic natural beauty. 

The zone in point puts you in the middle of the island at the welcome point.  There you can read all about the project.  I cannot do it proper justice, but to explain it simply:  for every tree you purchase in SL at Second Chance Trees, a RL tree is planted.  You can choose from about 10 different species of trees and you can either take it home with you and plant it there, or you can plant it on the island in an area specifically designated for tree planting.

Not to be mushy (she’ll forgive me!), but I have planted my own tree there and my close, dear friend has planted hers next to mine.  Each giving the other shade when they need it the most….

Ok, mushy moment endeth…. :op

Anyway, with or without the purchase of a tree, the sim is a beautiful sight for the eyes.  Mother Nature herself can only do it further justice.  Mountainous waterfalls, flowing water, majestic trees, precious plants & flowers…the whole thing just screams (quietly of course) for you to just relax.

And did I mention……………        no…………lag…………..

Whether it’s just you, a group of friends, or just with that special someone, I highly recommend Second Chance Trees as a must see in SL. 

~*~ Aly ~*~


Second Chance Trees:  location – Second Chance Trees; can be found by typing it in the Search under Places or directly searchable in the Map


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Life After An Update & The Glory of Zyngo

So yet another update for SL residents to recover from.  Update….recover….  Those two words really shouldn’t be in the same breath.

But yet as I logged in for my nightly addiction, my friend list which usually shows around 15-20 people on at that time……showed only 5.  And yes, I checked….it wasn’t me.  I then proceeded to watch my online/offline indicators get a wonderful workout as my friends desperately tried to sign in for their addictions.

After chatting with my awesome, wonderful friend about our adoring love for updates, we decided to get some gaming in.  We headed down to Myths to play some Texas Hold Em Poker.  And we were actually doing quite well for a while.  We were both up about 1K at the 20/10 table.  But then, as the inevitable occurs, someone with the skin of a noob and the skills of that guy on Bravo that teaches you how to play, starting sucking out our chips.  We both left (after some IM commentary that shall not be posted here) down in chips.  But still, any gaming time is just more practice and sharpening of skills.

After that minor butt whooping, we decided to head to The Cadillac for some Zyngo fun.  We each headed to our own machines and played for a while.  Then I started roaming while she went to play blackjack.  I found myself in the Devil May Care Slingo room. 

To explain this simply for those who are not familiar with it, this is a large room with floating chairs and a big scoreboard.  Each participant gets their own card.  DmC (as it is commonly referred to as) plays like Zyngo but has a few more embellishments (more bonuses).  In this room, everyone plays for the top score in that particular game.  Donations to the pot (minimum of L$10) allows you to play and adds to the main pot overall.

So, among the endless gesturing (yeah, I added my own noise to the crew), I played about two go arounds, my friend joining me just in time for us both to get addicted to yet something else.  We then went back to play some more Zyngo (and eventually, torture her boyfriend as I beat his score on one of the machines!!).

And my happily ever after for this nightmare of an update day?

I took home 10K off of the Zyngo machines……

Shopping stores of SL, beware!!!  :o)

Cheat Sheet of Places Mentioned:

Myths:  location – Mythland I – IV; can be found by typing “Mythland” in either the map or in the Classifieds tab in the Search.

The Cadillac:  location – Gioia; can be found by typing “Cadillac” in the Classifieds tab in the Search.

 (coming soon – I will make sure to copy SLurls for easy locating)

~*~ Aly ~*~

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