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REVIEW: Stellar Designs Skin – Surreal v2

See?  I promised a post or two and here’s the first one.  So nyaaahhh!

So you know Stellar Designs, right?  You know that if you are looking for some cute ass, sexy as hell, daring to bare, girlie to xtreme clothes, Stellar Designs is a guaranteed destination. 

But….did you know that Lexi does skins too?

Yup, she does.  And she was very nice to toss me some of her latest rollout – Surreal v2.  As this is my first skin review (and as I blatently confess over and over, I am not a skin whore lol!), I will do my best to give a review that is worthy of the creator and readable for the masses.  So I apologize now if I babble! ;o)

(please note that no processing – other than collaging and writing – has been done to the photos)

Stellar Designs Skin Review

This is “Ashlee”.  Very soft feeling, almost like I want to touch my skin and feel velvet.  The makeup is great, not overdone.  Overall, the work is very good and is just about the shade I would prefer to wear.  (yeah, I warned you I’m not a skin whore! LOL)

Stellar Designs Skin Review

Next, we have “Elle”.  A slight pigment lighter (I think!) than “Ashlee”, but what I love on her are the lips.  Nicely shaped, dammit, I would kiss myself!  Again, the skin shading feels very soft and velvety.  This stands to be true throughout the entire Surreal v2 line.

Stellar Designs Skin Review

And finally, we have “Melina”.  “Melina” – like “Elle” – has the lippage (is that a word?) that I love, but her face is so fair.  The coloring makes me think I look almost girl next doorish.  Too cute.  The shading is great and again, touch my skin please.  I’s feels soft.

So there you have it.  If you have never checked out Stellar Skins (or even knew they existed), buzz Lexi and I’m sure she’ll send you a cab to direct you right to it.  Or…yeah…you could just TP over and find it yourself.  But I’m sure you’ll find yourself wanting to at least try one on….or three…or five….or just buy the whole set….

Stellar Designs SLurl:

Also wearing (almost forgot this duh!):

Hair:  ETD – Holly
Lingerie:  Attitudes – Lamarck
Accessory:  Eolande’s – Jeweled Circlet for ETD’s Holly

~*~ Aly ~*~


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REVIEW: Footwear Expo 2008

Yay!  I’m finally here, writing this review!! LOL I have Flickr witnesses though.  I was working on it.  For some reason, SL decided to make my photography time longer than it should have been with some weird “we are taking your skin and pulling it down over your foot.  but only for a short time.  then it will disappear.  and eventually be back.”  Oy.

First of all, I want to thank Phoenix Chapman.  I have been asking for this for a looooong time.  And she probably never saw my prayers.  But she answered them anyway by putting this together.  And then she let me help.  And that was even cooler.  She thanks me, but I thank her for giving me an expo I was asking for, for letting me help in attaining that goal, and for putting on a remarkable event.  You can definitely count me in next year! *hugs* (

Next, about the expo:  it completely and totally rawked!  The build was amazing and the vendors offered miles upon miles of prim tootsie goodies.  Granted, it took me about three days to go through the whole thing (yeah, I have a crappy laptop, we know this!).  But it was sooooooooo worth it.

Oh, one more shout out.  Major prim props to Anessa Stine and the On Your Toes team (  The coverage of the expo, the designer and shoe features, everything you did was amazing.  Thumbs up in a pattern! ;o)

So, what did I buy?  Ummm….probably way too much lol!  I did try to stick to the special shoes that were put out for the ASPCA (makes them more special, ya know?).  Needless to say, I have enough shoes to wear a different pair each day……till about…..October maybe.  Is that wrong?

Here come the piccies.  I hope you like them.  No wise ass commentary about weird poses.  It’s not about the pose, it’s about the shoes.  And yes, I wear the same outfit in each pic.  Again, it’s about the shoes, not the outfit.  I mean, I could have gone nakkie….but again, IT’S ABOUT THE SHOES! lol :o)

Here is what I’m wearing along with…..well, the shoes:
Hair:  ETD – Holly (Mahogany Burnt)
Hair Accessory:  Eolande’s – Circlet for ETD Holly, color change (Gunmetal)
Necklace:  Alyssa Bijoux – Diamond & Purple Eve Necklace
Outfit:  Last Call – Cecilia

Poses by Long Awkward Pose

So here are some of my favs!  I hope you all likes!!!  If anyone would like me to post SLurls for the designers, let me know in the comments and I can certainly do as such.

Shoe Expo - Maitreya "Virtue"

Shoe Expo - Shiny Things "Belles"

Shoe Expo - Adam n Eve "Volar"

Shoe Expo - DeLa "Mika Ribbon"

Shoe Expo - enkythings "Kaseyo II Furs"

Shoe Expo - Hays Uriza "Cyndi"

Shoe Expo - Sole "Daisy"

Shoe Expo - SLink "Classic Pumps"

Shoe Expo - Digital Dragon Designs "Jamie Wedge"

Shoe Expo - Juicy "Sparkling Iridescent Pumps"

Happy feet to all!
~*~ Aly ~*~

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REVIEW: Fashion Expo 2008

Wow, ok….I sincerely apologize.  I had no idea it would take me THIS long to get this together.  But between my time commitments being wonky the past week or so and SL having fun watching clothes dissolve onto my poor av’s skin, it was just….yeah, a fun process lol!

But here it is.  As I promised, a review of my experience with the Fashion Expo – organized by the BBA All-Stars RFL Team – and the purchases I made that I wanted to show.

First, my experience….

It was one that I was very happy and honored to have had.  I met a lot of people, some of which I now consider close friends and look forward to seeing those friendships grow in all kinds of crazy directions.  Oh, and somehow I managed to become the Fashion Expo Top Fashion Model.  So yay!!  Now I have even MORE shopping to do lol!!!!

I’d like to post a personal thank you to my fellow runway models – all who were well established models in SL, but who helped me through my first time on a runway with their do’s, don’ts, tips, tricks, poses, AOs, photos…everything.  Thank you all so much.  You made my feeling like the new kid on the first day of school into one that was not so overwhelming.  The work you all do is amazing and it was an honor walking and modeling side by side with you.

I would also like to take up this small byte space to thank the BBA All-Stars team, especially Nikki Mathieson, Autumn Fairlane, Lexi Morgan, and Tim Marat.  You each got your own thank yous from me in-world but now I get to say it one more time on the world wide web.  Your support, encouragement, smiles, hugs, jokes, EVERYTHING was a joy to have in my life and made my experience a wonderful one.  You are all wonderful, loving, talented people and I hope to keep contact with you and work with you in the future.

And one more thank you before the fashion.  I would like to thank everyone that was in the audience (or sending support from beyond) that helped me through my walks on the runway.  Reading the open chat and seeing people that I have either chatted with via this blog or have some sort of relationship in RL/SL helped me more than words.  You know who you all are and I love you all so much for it.  Thank you….more than words.

So thus endeth the mushy stuff.  I had a great time and if asked to do it again, I’d grab the M&Ms and ask which way do I go. :o)


(side note:  my RL work is driving me more nuts than usual.  Sanity is at a bare minimum.  You have been warned)

As this is a lengthy post, I will forgo individual commentary on each outfit.  But I will make some general statements that I think give credit to where credit is due:

– each designer that participated in the Expo contributed at least one item where the proceeds from the sale went to the RFL.  As much as I was insanely tempted to buy it all (came near close!), the pics shown here are my favs.
– the detail in these outfits that make them special is phenomenal.  And yes, I now have an onslaught of pinkness in my inventory.  Jell would be proud. ;o)
– want one of your own?  It is possible that these (or any of the expo’s) designers still have these outfits up in the RFL vendors in their location.  You will just have to stop by their respective stores and see for yourselves (plus it gives you another reason to shop, so, you know….)

Here they come!

Fashion Expo Review

Fashion Expo Review

Fashion Expo Review

Fashion Expo Review

Fashion Expo Review

Fashion Expo Review

Fashion Expo Review

Fashion Expo Review

Fashion Expo Review

Fashion Expo Review

So there it is kids…..your Fashion Expo Review.

Made some friends, had some fun, bought too much, was shocked and honored, and helped make a difference.

What else can one person ask for?

~*~ Aly ~*~

P.S. If people would like, I can post SLurls in the comments.  Just let me know. :o)

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REVIEW: Le Fleur Collaboration (5/25/08)

Just to let everyone know, none of these items were given to me.  I shopped for each piece.  This was a wonderful collaboration that I don’t recall seeing blogged all that much.  So, as part of my duty to bring you things you may have missed, take a look at this.

This is a collaboration between Nicky Ree, Fleur Skins, Calla, BijouxOr, and Illusions.  Presenting “Le Fleur”.  The detail in every piece is simply amazing.

Nicky Ree’s dress is luscious.  It comes with three options in the skirt part – one without the bustle, one with a shorter bustle, and one with a larger bustle.  The color is so rich.  It’s just gorgeous work.

Calla contributes period-appropriate hair, adding the unique Transitions system that allows you to change the hair from having the flexi lower half to pulling up into an updo.  The braids are great and by the way, it’s on sale at Calla right now.  ;o)

I’m not a skin connoisseur.  Never have been.  Frankly because I’m petrified what I’ll look like outside of my comfortable skin (fantasy skins aside).  But Fleur definitely creates skins that have wonderful detail and don’t make you look unnatural (unless you want to).  The coloring is great and you gotta love the mole.  Oh yeah, that’s on sale too right now.

The necklace and earring set from BijouxOr is yummy.  It fits almost perfectly and refines the whole look even further.  Very period looking.

The mask from Illusions is the absolute topper.  Siyu creates amazing masks and this is yet another example of it.  The detail work on the flowers is simply wonderful.

Granted, the regular SLJoe and SLJane probably will not be shelling out the L$bucks to purchase this entire set.  But it is absolutely yummy and if you find yourself leaning towards period-beauty, you should definitely check it out.

Nicky Ree SLurl:
Calla SLurl:
Fleur Skins SLurl:
BijouxOr SLurl:
Illusions SLurl:

~*~ Aly ~*~

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REVIEW: Tesla (5/21/08)

BTW, if you haven’t heard by now, I’m hunting down designers for the SL Footwear Expo in July.

Just thought I’d let you know. ;o)

So the very generous Ms. Tesla Miles decided to generously drop these yummy shoes onto yours truly.  And, as she can attest, I nearly passed out.  (yeah, it doesn’t take much)

“Athena” is, in my opinion, a very unique style for boots.  These open-toed stiletto boots are simply yummy.  I love the detail of the laces and the sculpty work on top is simply amazing.  These are a good pair with a great skirt or some playful capris.

“Vixen_II:  Pearl Collection” is a very refined looking shoe.  The pearl-like texture makes them shine beautifully and the shape of the shoe is terrific.  Excellent work overall.

If you have never visited Tesla before, you really need to.  Ms. Miles has such a variety of wonderfully crafted shoework that you can find just about anything to satisfy your fashion needs.  And make sure to smack the Subscribe-o-matic! :o)

Tesla SLurl:

Luv your feetsies kids!
~*~ Aly ~*~

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REVIEW: Rising Phoenix Designs (5/19/08)

OMG, I feel so loved!  I have a handful of things to blog!  Yes, I am that nuts.

So here we go….

If you have been reading my blog, you are aware that Ms. Ariel Black disappeared for a short time, to only reappear with yummy goodies to make me vewwwwwy happy!

Pictured above are two of her newest releases that she sent my way with much love! ❤  “All Over” is just a cutie.  I absolutely love the denim capris with the “slight” tear by the knee.  The top is very cute.  “Switchin” is soooooo what I would wear to bed in RL.  I apologize as I should have taken a pic of the back (nevermind my apparant closed eyes…sheesh!), but the back of the tank shows a pink lace up.  Very cute, this may become my blogging outfit lol!

With Ariel back to designing, I am very excited to see all the yummies she will be releasing in the future.  If you are not familiar with her designs, please check out my Fashion post on RPD here.  And then….head on over and get your shopping on!!

Rising Phoenix Designs SLurl:

Enjoy lovelies!
~*~ Aly ~*~

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REVIEW: Schism

I know I’m way late, but I do apologize.

In10Se Iwish dropped a review folder for his new store, Schism.  As it is defined, Schism is a new store for neko/emo/punk desires.  Now….neither of those is really me.  But, that would never keep me from an honest review.

As fate would have it, my pink haired friend, Ms. Jelly of the Bean, beat me to the punch and did her own review of Schism.  And, as I told her, it is basically the same review I was ready to give it.  So you can read hers here at Free State of Mind.  That said, mine will be a very brief summary echoing her own thoughts.

As you can see, the textures are pretty good.  The designs are interesting and for about L$80 a shirt, not a bad deal for what you are getting.  But the finishing details are not there yet.  Yes, we are spoiled.  But when you can be whatever you want to be in SL, I choose to wear clothing that looks finished and very polished.  These pieces are simply not there yet.  The edges are harsh, like they were cut with crooked sheers.  But there is definite potential.  I believe in a relatively short period of time, Schism will produce more finished items and will stand out for its textures.

Like I said, I won’t go into much more.  Go ahead and read up on Jell’s.  I would encourage you to drop by the store and see for yourself.  Definite potential there, so keep your eyes open!

SLurl to Schism:

Luvs ya all,
~*~ Aly ~*~

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REVIEW: Second Mirage – Grand Collection

Ok, so this is old at this point.  But it might be new to a lot who missed it and I finally got a chance to sit down and put together my review of it.  So hopefully Britneyj will only slightly maim me. ;o)

Back at the end of January, Second Mirage released the “Grand Collection”:  a collection of jewelry inspired by Elizabeth Taylor.  I could not make the pre-release viewing, but Britneyj was kind enough to drop me my own set.

And let me tell you, when she says “grand”, it’s grand!

I wish I kept count, but included was boxes upon boxes upon boxes of gorgeous jewelry strewn out all over the floor in front of me.  So picking the ones I liked the best was hard.  But here’s what I did pick!


1. Striking:  my new favorite necklace.  It’s simple, it’s clean, and it hangs just right.  Perfect for V-neck style tops.

2. Glittering:  this is gorgeous and a perfect complement to a wonderful ballgown.  The earrings match with their own unique style and works well with updo hairstyles.

3. Fierce:  appropriately named – not because it’s harsh to look at – but the simple geometric shapes make it stand out.  Not overdone, just well stated.

4. Divine:  definitely Elizabeth Taylor-esque.  At first look, you would think it is way clunky.  But the simplicity of design makes it sit lighter than one would think.  Another great complement to a formal design.

5. Luxuriant:  I think my favorite of the formal designs.  From a far away glance, it looks like small, pretty flowers blooming up from the grass (yeah, my mind goes like that).  Closer inspection just makes it a beautiful piece.

6. Fresh:  speaking of flowers, this was just too cute to not include.  It’s unique and paired perfectly with a little summer dress.

And there you have it.  A taste of Second Mirage’s “Grand Collection”.  Each piece is different and you are sure to find something to fit your own style.  Go check it out!

Second Mirage SLurl:

Happy shopping!
~*~ Aly ~*~

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REVIEW: Random Calliope Gala Exhibit

On Sunday, January 13th, I was lucky enough to be invited to and attend an exhibit featuring the jewelry works of Random Calliope titled “Pretty in Prims”, held at Tayzia Abbatoir’s Crescent Moon Museum.

For those that do not know, Random Calliope is known for his exquisite handiwork in all-prim jewelry.  Micro-prims to be more exact.  Every piece is created in prims only.  There are no textures.  There are no scripts.  It is simplicity in prims.  The amount of detail in each piece he produces is astounding.  Most (if not all) of his creations average around 100 prims total or more.  To be able to manipulate prims in so many ways to produce the beauty he does is simply amazing.

Although I had heard about Random prior to this gala, unfortunately I was never able to own a piece of his creations.  But thanks to this gala, I now own two:  The Pearl (detailed below) and Amandote (well, technically the Hugger that gives out this collection to the person you hug.  But close enough).

What is also unique about Random’s creations is that each creation has a back story to it.  If you visit the exhibit or his blog (, you can read each story there.  I think he should compile them into a book IMHO.

I took many pics of his wonderful collection and have highlighted my favorites below.  If you would like a closer look (and I highly recommend it), make sure to check out my Flickr stream ( or stop by the museum in person.  They are truly a wonderful sight to behold.

~*~ clockwise from top left:  Ode, The Only Ever, The Pearl, The Gatsby ~*~

Ode:  caught my attention immediately because it’s a butterfly.  I love butterflies.  Top that with a purple butterfly and you really have my attention.  I even IM’d Random during the gala to let him know that was my favorite.  He let me in on a little secret:  if you go hunting for butterflies, you can get it for free.  If you find the right butterfly.  Hmmm…can we say new mission?
The Only Ever:  this is just a wonderful creation in pearls.  And it’s just a great design, bringing them down to a point, rather than the generic curve.  I would imagine this as a great complement to a ballgown with a V-neck style top.  Very smooth.
The Pearl:  this was Random’s gift to the guests.  And if you looked at previous post on Chapeau Tres Mignon, I am wearing it there.  The great feature to this is that it does not connect to the back.  The necklace lays snug against the back of the shoulders on either side.  A great piece.
The Gatsby:  very classic looking.  It’s just clean.  I love it.  The shape and form of it brings out the image of the 1920s and the Gatsby era.  If you admire it closely, the primwork goes all the way down the links between the pearls.  Just lovely.


Miss SL L’Oreal Paris Tiara 2007:  I wanted to show this to display the versatility that Random has.  Here is not a necklace or a bracelet or even a pair of earrings.  This is a tiara and an amazing creation.  Paired with the right hair (updo with ringlets I would suggest) and I would feel like a queen.  Gorgeous.

And there you have a small taste of what wonders come out of Random’s talented hands.  I would highly suggest dropping by the exhibit while it’s still up (not sure how long) and seeing for yourself what you’ve been missing.  A true wonder of SL creation.

Crescent Moon Museum –
Worthwhile Gallery (where to purchase) –
Butterfly Hunt (I think this is where it is) –

Prim beauty to all,
~*~ Aly ~*~

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REVIEW: Chapeau Tres Mignon

Yay!!  Giddyness again!!  I was unexpectedly dropped a gorgeous creation from Megg Demina of Chapeau Tres Mignon.  And I have to admit…until now, I had never heard of her store (as I rarely shop around for hats and their kind).   But what I received from Megg may have me shopping around more often.


The piece is called “1920s Antique Headress”.  And my jaw dropped when I put it on.  I mean, it’s just gorgeous.  The Cameos on both ends are a wonderful detail.  And the flexi ribbons hanging are just the right touch.  It is so simple yet so wonderfully detailed.

If I had any complaint (and it would be a small one), it was just that it took me a while to adjust it just perfectly.  But that’s not Megg’s fault.  I think that’s just mainly me being picky! :o)

Remaining outfit credits below:

Hair:  ETD – Cora
Dress:  Last Call – Anamaria
Necklace & Earrings:  Random Calliope – The Pearl Set

If you are looking for a truly unique piece to add to your inventory that can accent any outfit, I would highly recommend dropping by Chapeau Tres Mignon.  You never know what may catch your eye.


~*~ Aly ~*~

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