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Halloween Hit List Poster

You know how they say…the best laid plans of mice and….




What would be Halloween without the endless parade of costumes.  You want to be it, you’ll probably find it for Halloween.

Here are some designers who are offering their costume goodies for All Hallow’s Eve:

Store:  Liquid Velvet Studios – Nocturne
Direct SLurl:
Creator:  Ravenlynn Templar
As soon as I thought up to do this list, I immediately thought of my friend Ravenlynn.  The brain behind LVS creates unique designs that seem to just jump out of the screen.  You can see some of her wonderful creations in one of my first posts here.  (ironically done just over a year ago lol)  With her newest build at Cassiopeia Isle, she has been able to section off the top floor of LVS – called Nocturne – to house her costume creations.  I grabbed one of her newest one – The Queen of Hearts.  Done in the petticoat format she excels in, it’s just gorgeous in detail.  You just have to stop by and see for yourself.

Store:  Passionate Neko Dreams
Direct SLurl:
Creator:  Saur Holt
Down the hall, across the way (ok, the next sim over lol), is PND, the brainchild behind Ravenlynn’s niece (I think!), Saur Holt.  Saur has centered PND around goth style creations, but brings her own style to everything she creates.  At PND, you will find a whole section of Halloween costumes and other accessories that you are sure to want to grab up.  What grabbed my attention?  A Jack Skellington costume/av.  Yup, from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”.  So freakin cool, I can’t even begin to explain!!  Awesome in detail, you just sit there and admire yourself in it.

Store:  K.O. Designs
Direct SLurl:
Creator:  Kallyfaith Rolland
Another designer I have visited before regarding awesome costumes – you can read that here.  Kally always offers outstanding costumes in a wide variety.  As I visited her new build and saw for myself, her offerings are numerous and seem to have no end in sight.  I picked up a sexy little Betty Boop costume along with a Tinkerbell outfit.  I giggled as I purchased the “Clean or Dirty” set (I think that’s the name) with its strategically placed bubble prims.  And it would seem that K.O. is having a sale right now, as most of the sets I looked at were priced down to L$100.  So run over there before you miss it!

Store:  Rebel Hope Designs
Direct SLurl:
Creator:  Rebel Hope
Unless you have been COMPLETELY missing my recent FOTB posts, you know that you have recently missed out on a HUGE costume sale at Rebel Hope.  But I’m excited to see the new offerings coming forth from Rebel.  Every costume I have in my inventory from her have been complete packages – from the costume to the hair to the accessories.  You defintely get your L$ worth when you grab a costume.  Stop by now to see what is still out and join the group or subscribe-o-matic to be the first to know when the new costumes come out.  With Halloween around the corner, I would amazed if there were not at least a handful of new costumes set to go!

Store:  Fickle Fee
Direct SLurl:
Creator:  Fee Cuddihy
To transform yourself from head to toe, Fickle Fee is probably where you want to stop first.  An endless offering of speciality skins await you – everything from elves, fairies and drow to devil, goth and vampire.  There also a few complete packages available that not only come with skin, but clothes, hair, etc.  I was rather impressed with how well the details in the speciality skins looked.  A definite check out.

Store:  Stellar Designs
Direct SLurl:
Creator:  Lexi Morgan
Again, if you haven’t been reading my FOTB posts, then you are not aware that Lexi creates sexxxiness in just about all her creations for us girls over at Stellar Designs.  So why should Halloween be any different?  My favs that I grabbed – Jane (loin cloth say enough?), Rainbow Brite (aww come on!), and the Maid (need I say more?).  But that is only a small sample of what is available at Stellar Designs.  And I would not be surprised if Lexi had more coming between now and Halloween.  Check it out!

Store:  Digital Dragon Designs
Direct SLurl:
Creators:  Zoey Pinkdot and Ninja Petion
Zoey and Ninja have decided to step into the costume ring.  And from what I have seen, they are heavy contenders.  Walk a few feet from the zone in point to the Costume Shop and you will see what awesome items they have created.  I am most impressed with the Witch Broom AO to go along with the Witch costume.  The entire AO is in the broom.  Perfect to make your witchiness complete for Halloween.  What is also cool is that they give us options.  You can purchase the costumes complete with the shoes, without the shoes, or just the shoes.  Tough choices man, I tell you.  Another one that I cannot wait to see what else they release between now and Halloween.

And that’s probably only a mere taste of ALL that is available in SL.  But I hope it at least starts you in the right direction.  Besides, at least you’ll be able to stock up your costumes for those club events before and after Halloween that have certain themes! :o)

Hope you have enjoyed this installment.  Next installment will focusing on accessories.  Don’t forget to send me (Alysha Rennahan) your submissions!

~*~ Aly ~*~


October 12, 2008 - Posted by | Hit Lists


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